Space & Time

While having breakfast this morning, I cannot help but to notice a young family of four that reminded of my own not too long ago.

Oh, the many struggles we went through. Though the struggle is far from over in terms of the future of my children, the scene gave me clarity and a realization that there is always a time and season for everything in life. There is always that silver lining.

I can only wish that the burden can be lighten for all humanity as we all strive to survive.

As we write the story of our lives, I hope it is one of interesting achievements as well as misadventures.

May our run in this race of life be as fulfilling and fruitful. One that as when the finish line greets us, we will be at ease knowing that it was a great run. Not perfect but great.

I know for certain that every one of us have a place and purpose. We are right here where we are for a reason. We all have a role to play. The world has a place for each of us and time determines where we will be.

Time allows us to improve ourselves and gives us the opportunity to change for the better every second of the way.

But we need to claim the time and space when the opportunity arises.

Change starts today! Change starts now!

One Must Travel

In my most humble opinion, traveling is one of the most important things in life one must experience for him or herself.

You will learn a lot of valuable life lessons while traveling more than you will ever experience by just reading.

While I travel, I am always on high alert and more observant of my environment. In being in such a state of mind, I am able to pick up more queues from my surroundings compared to when I am in a familiar place where my guard is usually down.

Through my travels, I was able to admire many different beautiful sceneries. Sometimes, because of the luxury of time, I am able to stop and take the time to admire even the simplest of object like an oak tree.

There were also light-hearted moments when I notice silly and funny things like a condom lodged in the plane lavatory paper towel dispenser. Such scenario will never fail to make you wonder and cause your mind to wander.


Traveling have also allowed me to relive my favorite moments twice and recently allowed me to see my favorite places twice in different seasons. Living near the equator have never afforded me the opportunity to experience the different seasons but traveling allows me to do just that. This year alone I am glad to have seen the Gooderham Building in Toronto twice – once during Winter and recently during Fall or Autumn.



My recent trip was nothing short of an adventure. One of my plane rides from San Francisco to Houston went through the supposedly category 5 Hurricane Patricia that eventually weakened and downgraded to a minor storm. Though a minor storm, the 30 minutes terror ride through the turbulence only made me believe in God even more. During this time, it was really between the pilot, the plane, and God to decide whether we live or crash. I imagined I was in a roller coaster without rails and that made it worse.

I was also one of the passengers stranded at Fort Lauderdale when it was shut down due to a plane that caught fire during taxi and getting ready to take off. Such situation taught me to be calm and be a quick thinker in solving the problem at hand. Glad I made it through and arrived at my eventual destination safely even though I had to re-schedule my plans with much disappointment and dismay.

Another great thing about travel is the people that you get to meet. During time of distress is when you meet the nicest people in the world. You have so much hope for humanity knowing that people are naturally helpful and kind.

And sometimes it caught you by surprise to realize the person sitting next to you was a celebrity only after disembarking the plane. The last person seated next to me is a famous Crochet pattern extraordinaire and author. I was disappointed that I did not at least taken a selfie with him.