There Is No Tomorrow


How often have you come across the question, “how would you like your eulogy to be?” whenever people make reference as to how you should live your life now in the present? I have a lot of time to think about this not for myself but for people who have made a huge impact in my life. It is definitely hard to think about it and of course, I do not wish anyone ill. But if given the opportunity to deliver an eulogy, the following will probably be what I have to say about a very dear friend of mine.

There Is No Tomorrow

It was the afternoon of 24th August 2012 when I had a phone interview with F***k for a job back in the company I left 6 months before. We had a good chat and the words that I will remember for the rest of my life were “there is no tomorrow”. That is an indication of the sense of urgency of all the tasks I will be assigned henceforth. I just did all that I was asked to do and constantly reminding myself of those four words to stay focus. I had the best 7 years working under F***k and it was the most successful time throughout my career up to that point. We went through a lot together with the team. We rise above all the challenges and celebrated many accolades.

Today, those same four words – “there is no tomorrow” give me a very different meaning altogether. Like many of us and very often, F***k was a very misunderstood person. He was more than those “numbers” entrusted to him to be achieved in the corporate world. “Praise publicly and criticize privately”,  was his leadership mantra. F***k was a person of passion, empathy, compassion, and not often admitted, a person filled with love.

In fact and in F***k’s term, he showed me that there is no tomorrow to love more, there is no tomorrow to respect more, and there is no tomorrow to be more passionate in everything that I do.

And if you around you today, it is very obvious that there is nothing the world needs more than love. We ought to tell ourselves, there is no tomorrow when it comes to loving others.

Though it is not my intent to see every one here shed tears, the fact is that we both mourn and celebrate his great life. The great life that he has lived to touch each of us in the most special way. For me, F***k is not only my boss, mentor, but a friend who has taught me many life’s lessons. In the most fundamental way, he has taught me how to be a good person.

I thank God for allowing our paths to cross and hope that this eulogy does justice in describing the amazing person F***k was not only to me but for all us gathered here.

If you find yourself needing to release those tears, I can only tell you not to hold back.

Because, the funeral is today and there is no tomorrow.

Rest In Peace my dear friend. We will all miss you dearly.


A priest recently in his sermon introduced us to David Brooks’ Resume Virtues & Eulogy Virtues. He used these as examples to emphasize and explain how we should live a good life.

As I sat through the funeral mass for our dear friend this morning, I was overwhelmed with a great sense of sadness and grief. I can hardly contain my composure and the more I tried to suppress the feeling, the more tears started welling up in my eyes.

Being myself, I seek to find the reason why his death has affected me so badly emotionally. The priest’s sermon and the eulogy was spot on in pointing out the values that the deceased have lived by all his life. And how these virtues has shone through and influenced all those around him.

I came to realization it was the eulogy virtues that has established and nurtured a bond and connection. It was at this point that my mind flashed back all the memories when the deceased has inspired me throughout my life.

From him, I learned that hard work pays off and when faced with challenges, to have faith that God will be in control of all situations – good or bad.

One of the valuable lessons I can take away from his life is the importance of a close-knitted family even if it means being away from them regularly. In fact, whenever I am alone facing the great big world out there on business trips, he will come to mind as a role model and inspiration. With him as an example, I am able to draw strength to take on all the challenges head on.

Today, I also learned that every person have eulogy virtues that they live by and at death, should be recognized as part of the legacy he or she leaves behind. No one dies in vain – death only marks the completion of a purposeful and well lived life.

What makes a man?

Not too long ago, the tech world was introduced to the terms “disruptive innovation” and the “internet of things” happened to be the enabler of the change and market shifts in all things tech.

Disruptive innovation is seen as something that breaks the norm. Breaking out of the ordinary, mundane, endless loop, and repetitive familiarity.

Every now and then, we come across amazing people that like a disruptive innovation, changes our perception in life and bring about a shift in our thinking and way of life. Some call them visionaries while others especially the more spiritual call them Saints.

“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.”~ Native American Proverb

On the 10th of September 2016, approximately 240 kilometers away and two hours before the death of a priest we hold very close to our hearts, I was told that another priest used the proverb above in his sermon and repeated it twice. The sad news of the demise of this great servant of God came at approximately 9.30pm and it totally broke my heart.

Words just cannot describe how much this kind and charismatic priest has done for the Catholic community in this country. His reach can be seen stretched across the nation. The entire Catholic community is now mourning his death. Not because he held any significant position but by merely being a simple and humble priest, he have touched the hearts of many – one family at a time.

Like many, the news of his death came as a shock to me and naturally, I started to reason the untimely death. It is indeed frustrating that the good ones leave us early and I felt the unfairness of life. The sadness soon turned into anguish.

As I read through some of the dedications and messages left on his facebook page, I slowly come to the realization that he is indeed one of those visionaries and Saints. He has lived out his life as an angel of God with the sole purpose of bringing people closer to God. In his missionary and charitable works, he has led many to the path of righteousness.

It was on the same day that my wife had told me about how certain spiritual leaders are out to save a generation of less fortunate people. These leaders are the disruptive element in the endless repetition of poverty, injustice, and suffering. They bring about the shift and change to help poor people break out of what they perceive as the only way in life. These spiritual leaders offer and introduces new life changing ideas to the poor and marginalized. I believe this is what some call Salvation or perhaps the good news.

Another good example of such a person is Oprah Winfrey. Because she understands the importance of education and the need to alleviate poor communities from their woes, she started the pledge to put hundreds of African American men through the Morehouse College. In effect to that, these men progressed through life and were able to raise families under better circumstances compared to the uncertainties if not given the opportunity to go through college. It created a ripple effect, broke the chains of poverty, and changed and inspired the lives of many.

In my life, I have had the opportunities to cross paths with many people and I thank God for all of them because they each leave a small imprint in my life that plays a huge collective role in forming my values as a human being. And in turn, I hope that one day I can be that visionary to someone else. Indeed, no man is an island. If he is, he will never ever get to break out of what he perceived is the best.

I thank God for this amazing priest. I pray that he will one day be canonized as a Saint. Apparently, it takes two miracles to make one a saint but reading the dedications to him is nothing short of a miracle what he has done for the people around him.

He did not leave us with material things but he has given us the greatest intangible gift of all. The gift of himself, his love, his lessons, his ideas, his ideals, his values, his compassion, his empathy, his kindness, and the list goes on…

We rejoice that an angel has gone before us and we thank God for sending him to us and allowing him to touch our hearts. He is indeed the reason we know for sure that there is a God.

And I looked up the sky this evening and I saw a smile. I take it that he is now rejoicing with the host of angels by his side.

In loving memory of Rev. Fr. Phillips Muthu (1960~2016)