Everything Needs Time

Finding it difficult trying to put into context my thoughts regarding the different timelines of lives in general.

Browsing through the bookstore and looking at the many “self help” books especially those that promises a certain financial freedom makes me a little frustrated.

I am kinda sick and tired of people who talks or writes at their level knowing very well that their achievements are quite unattainable for a great majority of people. Don’t get me wrong as I am not against successful people. I am just angry at how they discounted and failed to emphasize that TIME was a major factor to their success!

By ignoring the time factor, these “successful” people fueled instant gratification and sent out a false impression that one do not need to work hard and invest valuable time to nurture/sharpen their skills. What we usually see is only the fruit of the labor and not laborious work behind it.

If a self-help writer pens down all the struggles through the time taken to achieve success, the book will bore its readers to death. Naturally people do not want to read of the struggles because we all want to feel good from the first page to the last.

On the other hand, seeing a younger couple getting married helped me put things into perspective. That everyone needs to put in the time to journey through life. Being married earlier or later does not mean we are either ahead or behind others.

There is a time for everything and anything.

Perhaps when you read or hear of someone talking at their incomprehensible level, be consoled that the understanding will come at the right time. Not your fault, because that person has forgotten that he or she was once you at where you currently are…