Women, Please Run The World

Part of the idealistic me is hoping as well as excited to see where this gender equality movement is leading us to. Growing up through the 80s has been nothing less than exciting. We seemed to have seen everything and yet there are more to be seen moving forward.

It has been often said and sang about how “this is a man’s world”. Just look at the news on how the world has turned out in the hands of men, I cannot help but see destruction.

Acting through the nature of man, the world as we know today is filled with the product and outcome of manly traits and behaviors – hunting, dominance, killing, and survival.

Imagine how the world would be if we turn it over to women. I reckon it will be ruled with compassion and love. It will be a world of nurturing and one filled with empathy.

I am sure we address the many entities in our lives by their nurturing characteristics – Mother Nature and Mother Church to name a few. These titles were given because of how caring a mother is to her child.

Pleasing the feminists and those fighting for women’s rights is not the intent of why I am writing all these. I am merely expressing my observation and opinion how I truly believe that we will be in a better place if we have a change of leadership because of how deprived of love the world is today.

The topics that are dominating the news are usually stemmed from sex, money, power, and violence. So much so that the answer to Beyonce’s hit song “Run The World (Girls)” seemed to be none other than “SEX”! I feel that we have indeed became very savage in our approaches and intentions – almost animal like.

There has got to be a better way for all of humanity as a whole. Something’s got to give in order for us to stop the recursive blunders. A change is needed to break out of the loop.

In the words of Ezra Taft Benson in the quote below, if you replace the words Lord and Christ with LOVE, it will sum up what I have written.


Unseen Not Necessarily Useless

Taking a step back and looking at all the chatters and noises on social media especially in one of those platforms for “professionals”, I cannot help but to realize how the corporate world requires one to be “visible”. This phenomenon is so prevalent that it seems as though someone sitting at his or her cubicle working as hard as anyone else is insignificant.

I was once guilty of comparing myself with people I perceive as insignificant in terms of their roles in the larger organization. When I realized that each and every one of us are unique and no matter our roles, adds up and counted for something in the bigger picture. Knowing that life does not only evolve around someone’s job, it was very humbling and has taught me humility.

I now find that people who cannot stop posting stuff about their job really does not have a life outside of their job.

How often do we get so entrenched in our jobs that they define us?

We forget that a job is only a mean to an end. The end being financing our needs as well as the lives of our family members.

Besides patience, I learned that I should place less importance and priority into my job. At least not taking precedence over my family.

Take the hermit crab for example. It does not grow a shell of its own. Instead, it takes over an empty shell each time it outgrows the current shell. Think about how interesting it is to be able to try on different shells in its lifetime.

Likewise, a job is merely a temporary platform for us to share our talents for the greater good of humanity and at the same time earn a living.

Hopefully, we’ll have a little bit of fun learning and growing with each role.

Nothing Instant About Life

There has been many instances where I was guilty of feeling frustrated not getting instantaneous results in life. Often times, I was not willing to enjoy the journey towards the destination. I was in fact too eager to get to my destination.

I recently got a pet cockatiel. He was a handfed baby a few weeks shy of being weaned. Getting them at this age allowed him to build a bond with me. It felt like being a new father to a helpless child again. He followed me to work as he needed three feedings a day.

On the hindsight, I truly enjoyed the process and the two months journey. It was very fulfilling to say the least.

It got me thinking about the instant world. A colleague once used a very funny anology to describe how to speed things up with more resources thrown into a project. He posted the question – Would it be more efficient to have nine women produce a baby in a month or for a woman to take nine months to produce a baby?

Naturally, the entire room erupted into a laughter frenzy.

Having had the last couple of months to reflect on life and do some soul searching, I learned to be patient as well as submit to the fact that it is impossible for life to be instantaneous amidst all the advancements in technology that boast of split second efficiency and speed.

The gestation period for a human life is 9 months and there are no two ways about that.

I am now constantly reminding myself that in all that I do, time is needed. In fact, we are all paid for our time. Even machines will incur some operational costs although they take lesser time. Something got to give at the end of the day.

The last couple of months has been me chasing after life aimlessly. It got me into a very challenging situation. They say everything happens for a reason. I constantly asked myself if I have given my all before calling it quits. In my opinion, I believe I have tried and given my best. I accepted the fact that it is something that is not suitable for me moving forward.

Life’s too short to force oneself to like something he or she does not. Life is too short to be unhappy and be lived regretfully.

Funny how things get clearer when we are forced to stop for a moment to take some time to see things in a different light.

I am still hoping for the best and do not know what the near future will bring.

All I know for sure is that there will be much to learn and look forward to throughout the journey.

Sometimes, getting to the destination is just a bonus in life…