Things We Do For Happiness

I just gave up the 40% raise by quitting and taking a 20% cut by accepting a different role with one of my previous employers.

I totally overlooked that beyond riding on a huge brand name, we individuals are nothing except apart of the statistics.

That does not justify in how I was treated in the first few weeks into the job. Biggest part of the frustration and disappointment lies in the fact that I didn’t expect people in such a huge “reputable” company can behave in such uncivilize manner. Maybe that is exactly the behavior needed to be successful in such companies?

10 out 10 friends that I have shared the scenarios where there was elements of disrespect and bully agreed that I should get out for the sake of my sanity and self confidence.

I can only wish that people start compiling and share real life career horror stories on professional/career social networking sites to help others avoid getting themselves into the wrong jobs. A few good titles include, “red flags to look out for during interviews” and “signs you need to quit your job immediately”. I wish I had all these or at least someone to seek advice from before I made the decision to quit my previous job.

It is too late for me to complain but interestingly, I was given a “welcome” document by my manager on my first day and one particular line caught my attention. When asked, he just answered casually with a grin stating that I will soon find out.

If that didn’t sound the alarms, I don’t know what will.

On my fourth day, someone whom I was suppose to work closely with pop the most unusual question in the most awkward manner without first stating the context.

“Who are you close with?”

Just before I could answer, he follow up the question by saying, “if you have been in the workforce for so long and didn’t have anyone close to you, then you are a failure”.

Like what the flying f***?

This same guy also asked me to clean tables and throw trash at a particular event. He rather walk 10 steps with trash in his hands just to make me throw them than to dump them into the bin next to the table where he was sitting. If it wasn’t deliberate, he will not do it 3 times.

How many of you out there has experience such blatant and unprofessional treatment from a fellow co-worker?

Not for me in the longest time for sure.

That and among other incidences was enough for me to realize that a 40% raise was not worth to put up with such unacceptable behavior. Before we talk about leadership, let’s talk about how we treat others as individuals.

With all that behind me, I am in a much happier place.

The job wasn’t a good fit and there is definitely no senergy with the team. I am opined that as individuals we must ensure that our team mates are successful. We need to provide a conducive and wholesome platform to ensure each and every one is headed in the right direction. Every individual’s success contributes to the success of the team as a whole.

At the end of the day, I have to admit that a life without purpose and bringing about value for others is a life wasted regardless of how much we are paid.

The battle with the competition without is already half lost when we kill ourselves within.

It is already a challenge with the task at hand and it does not help having people around you who not only make things more difficult but are thrilled to see you fail.

This is not an environment made for growth surely.

It is unfortunately that my resume should be tainted by such a blip but not all is lost. Plenty of lessons learned for all that lies ahead of me in life.

Afterall, mistakes are proof that I tried and there has got to be some brownie points for that!

As long as we are happy, who cares?