Thought Process

Career change has proven to be quite stressful for me at the moment. I guess that is common when there are disruptions to the usual routines and flow in life.

I cannot say that I feel uncomfortable throughout my first week. I got a lot done as required by the checklist. I felt at ease and have no issues getting my way around. That is a plus.

In terms of interactions with those around me, I must say that I can do with ease.

The only issue I have is the overwhelming feeling caused by expectations from not only those around me but most importantly, from myself.

I realized that there is a fine line between pushing oneself forward or feeling sorry for leaving behind the comfort of knowing and familiarity.

It is very easy to fall into self pity and regret. That needs constant reminder the reasons for change in the first place.

I need to focus and constantly remind myself that I have the capability and where there are shortcomings, I will be able to learn. Else, I will not be given this opportunity in the first place. Only that time could be the challenge. Then again, all of us have the same number of hours a day.

I guess we tend to be harder on ourselves more than anything else.

I need to be this and that in the next 2 months. We can imagine the destination and want to skip the journey – that’s what instant gratification does to us.

The journey could be lonely and treacherous. Many have fallen to the enticement of shortcuts.

We often face life alone and sometimes with some help.

Afterall, it is Lent when we are a little more aware of our predicaments just so we can practice a little more self-denial.