Just A Break


I couldn’t recover from the chain of events that happened between October and mid of November. I tried to pull myself out from the gutted feeling but I seemed to have lost all passion and motivation at work. I was just going through the routine and trying to somehow rekindle with my sense of purpose.

But it truly is apparent that there is a season and time for everything. I realized that at every phase of my life, there is a mission and purpose to be fulfilled. Sometimes it can be difficult for me to recognize that time has arrived for me to move on. There were many “signs” prompting and telling me that my mission is accomplished. And with a leap of faith, I took up the new opportunity and embraced the change. And I must also mention that it was quite poetic to leave the job on my birthday.

It is only human that we are afraid of change and staying safe seemed to be the best thing to do. Between then and now, I have learned quite a few things about human behavior when it comes to change.

I was just doing my rounds in the office to say goodbye to the people I have known throughout the years. Some were happy and envious of my new opportunity while others seemed to be taking it a little too negative for my liking. One in particular stood out among the rest. Having had worked in the company for a very long time, she bid me goodbye and at the same time sarcastically told me to “come back”. She is indirectly hoping for my failure at my new job. For her, my failing would be an affirmation of her assumptions and that it will further prove that she is right for staying comfortably where she is.

The thing is, we will never ever know unless we try. At least I have the courage to give things a try because nothing is for certain in life.

Another thing that I find it hard to understand is the negative light surrounding resignation from a job. Generally, people tend to think that leaving is a bad thing when moving forward is actually a good thing.

With the 7 year old job behind me, I am now taking a short break just to re-calibrate, retreat, and reflect on life. A couple of months back, I read an article about taking mini retirements and thought it was a good idea to take a short break before running hard for the next phase of my career.

While reflecting on what I should do during this transition period, I thought about the number of times I wrote about the benefit of having a domesticated animal as pet during my younger days. I was probably 7 or 8 years old when I convinced myself that money is better spent on buying a life. No guessing where all my pocket monies went – into getting myself new pets and pet food. In fact, I do not remember if there were parts of my life that I did not have a pet especially during times when I was between jobs, having a pet seemed to be the theme.

Animals have a therapeutic way of bring calm and order in my life. They have brought fulfillment and consolation to me in both good and bad times. Besides from the various pets raised throughout my life, I remember clearly how I once raised two “colored” chicks to a point of training them to fly unto my hand on command.

And just before I left my former company, I brought home a baby cockatiel and named “him” Binary. And the story goes…

It is quite interesting how this fascination with parrots started for me this time around. My family and I were having dinner at the mall somewhere middle of January. After dinner, we saw a couple of security guards looking at the top of the restaurant entrance. To our surprise, a blue budgerigar/parakeet was sitting on the ledge. I tried catching it but it flew away as soon as I got closer. We carried on with our evening and paid no mind to it until I saw it sitting on the hand railing. I ended up catching it successfully and brought it home. We later named her Lost and bought a companion for her called Found. I was able to gain their trust and they soon learned how to sit on my fingers while I gave them their favorite treat of millet spray. Long story short, Lost & Found is now living happily in an aviary.

Lost & Found in their new aviary
Lost & Found in their new aviary

I became intrigued by how trainable these little birds are and started researching on cockatiels. I have a friend who used to breed them and I thought it would be great to have some guidance from her as well. After discovering a cockatiel breeder through an online classified ad, I made an appointment for viewing what she had available. I found out that getting a young single bird helps a lot with bonding. I had mixed feelings at first but I did spend a huge amount of time chatting with the breeder. She had a hard time telling me their genders and I was torn between the two baby cockatiels she had available as I wanted to at least have a good chance of getting a male bird. After a while, her husband returned home and as soon as he walked into the house, I realized he was wearing a t-shirt with my future company’s logo on it – talking about a sign! I knew there and then that I will be bringing home a grey pearl baby cockatiel.

Baby Binary
The moment I picked baby Binary

After only 12 days hand-feeding and spending time with Binary, he has grown into a beautiful little cockatiel.

Handsome Binary
Handsome Binary

And just today, Binary learned how to fly unto my hand on command!

I know how extremely random this post is but that’s just me and I cannot help it!