Workplace Spirituality

It has been a while since I last posted. A lot has happened and saying that I was overwhelmed is an understatement. I believe work is always a huge part of our lives and when things change in our workplace, it affects us substantially.

But there is a part in life that not many people understand especially when it is spiritual in nature. It is hard to explain and justify to others when your action is based on beliefs.

Life at work has been comfortable I must say until of course some unfortunate events started to happen and threw everything out of balance. It got to a point where the soul felt uneasy. Certain things challenged the belief system and startled it to the core.

And then the passion slowly drained and ceased to exist.

But it takes some shock to the system for us to wake up and start moving again. Just like a smaller plant dies to pave way to a larger tree, a disruption will almost certainly bring about a change.

In our fears of change, we usually feel stressed out and when doubts creep in, there tend to be a certain level of chaos and disquiet.

This round of change in my life made me realize the level of my faith.

I must mention that God had control throughout and He has prepared everything right in front of me. He made it clear to me that a change is imminent as well as I need to claim what is rightfully mine when the opportunity arised. Some of us have problem recognizing the opportunities only to regret not being bold enough to take the leap of faith when it is too late.

And next comes the people around you. Some will encourage while others will discourage you for many unknown reasons.

People will share with you their pessimistic views based on the little that they actually know. There are also some who will put things in the most politically correct way whether beneficial or otherwise.

For the insecure, they will attempt to be manipulative just so that you will act in accordance to their expectations and in favor of their gain and advantage.

A dear priest once said to me, “we are all half angel and half devil”

And how true that is!

Jesus even put Peter in his place by saying, “Get behind me Satan!”

So it is for us in the corporate world as well that we need to put the devil aside and focus on where the angels are pointing us to.

“Everywhere is the same, no point changing”

No, it will never be the same. That is just an excuse we like to tell ourselves in submission and acceptance to our current predicaments and lack of choices in life.

Besides, people are usually afraid to see you in a better place than they are.

Who are they to tell you where you should be when you are the one given the opportunity?

When God acts, there is no way to stop Him.