Charity Is Not Free

It used to be when people are genuinely kind and generous. I guess education got in the way. We are the product of the subtle oppressive written laws and practices of the church. What is written and practiced has instilled in us and caused us to have a sense of fear, guilt, indebtedness, and obligated.

The worse part is, we become conditioned to go back for more and somehow addicted to the sort of treatments dished out to us. That is perhaps the success of organized religion where we are shaped to conform.

But things are starting to change now that reality is setting in for what is thought to be free and charitable. It needs money to operate and stay relevant in a changing world. And when money is involved, people want their dollar worth and when that does not happen, the number drops.

Ultimately, it is up to us individuals to discern what is right for us spiritually.

Being unique individuals, we all have purposes in life. We are all capable of bringing blips of disruptions to an otherwise mundane world.

But those in position of power does not like disruptions so they have resorted to using various means to manipulate the majority by feeding our minds what is good or bad for us.

I believe that we ought to constantly remind ourselves to be unique and live out our purpose even if it means that we need to bring about blips of disruptions and cause discomforts that challenges the norm and widely acceptable but not necessarily best approaches to life.

So what’s youe blip?