The Sperm Theory

It is only human nature to feel inadequate sometimes especially with all the superficial and pretentious contents on social media. I am no different and it is hard to avoid feeling sad and wallowing in self-pity. It can be quite overwhelming when we start comparing ourselves to others perceived as better off than us.

At times like these, I usually take a step back and try to put things into perspective. And it is by no means a form of self-consolation.

Just think for a moment about the one in a gazillion sperms ejaculated the moment you were conceived. By a stroke of a (lucky or unlucky) minute difference in terms of timing when fertilization occurred, your life could have been very different.

We should be glad and grateful that Murphy’s Law was kind to us.

Have you ever wondered how life could have been if it was in total contrast?

Some people were born into cultures and traditions that deny them of the most fundamental of rights and privileges – slaves, refugees, fugitives, and political prisoners to name a few. Think about those without the most basic of necessities – food, water, and shelter.

It could have been very different.

Looking at things in such perspective has helped me be a little more grateful for all that I have.

It also begs the question of what should I do for others with all the blessings bestowed upon me. I am constantly reminded to be generous with my gifts and talents.

While on the topic of gratefulness, many are constantly looking for greener pasture elsewhere always thinking that the grass is greener on the other side.

Today, someone shared some words of wisdom with me and it goes, “The grass is always greener on the other side because it is full of manure. It is better to know the manure on your side than the unknown manure on the other side”.

That is so true, don’t you think?


Mindfulness to me is living in moments. While some moments last longer than others, I believe that each teaches us something about us and our lives. Our likes and dislikes can be reflected by how we react to each moment. I sometimes imagine our mind being a roll of film and our eyes the lenses on a camera capturing every moment of our day.

These captured moments become embedded and etched into our mind as memories that we cherish, fear, and sometimes yearn for whenever we experience certain sight, smell, or sound that reminds us of them.

The behemoth of moments we experience in life forms us as unique individuals that sets us apart from each other. Very often, not every moment is interpreted the same way. It really depends on our focal point within the composition of what our eyes perceive.

The beautiful thing about moments is how we can be creative in the interpretations. Whether the cup is half full or half empty so to speak.

And my wish for you my friend, is that you’ll always have many pleasant and meaningful moments in this life’s journey.

Symbiotic Relationships

I recently asked a new acquaintance if she considers every relationship in life genuine or symbiotic in nature. Her reply was quite interesting because she categorized her relationships based on timeline and phases. According to her, she considers her friends from a specific phase of her life as genuine and every relationship thereafter as symbiotic.

For one who dislikes short-term relationships and have issues with separation, it got me thinking if the economic model based on supply and demand has actually seep into our lives. It seemed to have influenced the way we interact with each other. I wonder if our relationships can go beyond mutual benefits and what will it take to have a sustainable long-term relationship.

Can I safely say that a young man only have one intention when he starts a conversation with a young lady – which is to show interest that eventually leads to marriage?

And if the eventuality actually happens, there will not be any reason for them to have friends from the opposite gender in fear of causing misunderstandings between their spouse?

In that sense, it can be quite a lonely world don’t you think?

Is long lasting genuine friendships/relationships a myth or something that is still relevant in this time and age?

Can we really have a relationship that is totally free from an exchange of needs and expectations?

I guess that is the reason why we are all getting lonelier as we advance through life. We tend to seek out people of the same interests and that in itself can be seen as satisfying one’s need to belong.

Ideally, I wish that we should not need to ask ourselves “what’s in it for me?” in all that we do and live life without expectations from others. Perhaps then, we can have a genuine relationship with each other regardless of gender, race, and creed.

By reflecting on this scenario, I come to a realization and recalled that very day I asked my wife to be my girlfriend and subsequently my wife nine years later. In order to achieve a long lasting relationship, we need one that endures through the ups and downs. We need someone who we can trust our lives with. When it comes to friendships and relationships, quality is always better than quantity.

When we find it, we often call it unconditional love.

Victory At Last

All I can say is that on 9th May 2018, good men did something and reigned victorious against evil.

The sheer joy could hardly be contained and most of us burst out in tears.

It was a very good day.

It was as though a great burden has been lifted from all of us. The dark cloud that was hovering over us for the longest time has been blown away.

The best part was, we all did it together. We were united. Our thoughts aligned and we turned our intention into action.

We came together when it mattered most.

And we WON…