Space & Time

While having breakfast this morning, I cannot help but to notice a young family of four that reminded of my own not too long ago.

Oh, the many struggles we went through. Though the struggle is far from over in terms of the future of my children, the scene gave me clarity and a realization that there is always a time and season for everything in life. There is always that silver lining.

I can only wish that the burden can be lighten for all humanity as we all strive to survive.

As we write the story of our lives, I hope it is one of interesting achievements as well as misadventures.

May our run in this race of life be as fulfilling and fruitful. One that as when the finish line greets us, we will be at ease knowing that it was a great run. Not perfect but great.

I know for certain that every one of us have a place and purpose. We are right here where we are for a reason. We all have a role to play. The world has a place for each of us and time determines where we will be.

Time allows us to improve ourselves and gives us the opportunity to change for the better every second of the way.

But we need to claim the time and space when the opportunity arises.

Change starts today! Change starts now!