Organized Chaos

Happy New Year 2018!

Christmas sure brought an interesting facet to life last year but it was the feast of the Holy Family (the week after Christmas) that brought an interesting homily. It is no coincidence that the same message was repeated twice in the span of two days for me.

It is a glimpse of the future as well as what we can do now to prepare us for that.

Unfortunately we can never accurately define the future but instead to speculate based on the current trends.

On one hand, we were asked to recall the types of jobs that did not exist 10 years ago but are available today. In the same manner, we were also asked to imagine what will be the jobs of the future. With that thought process, we need to reflect and contemplate what will be the relevant skill sets our children will need moving forward. It gets complicated given the different upbringing, values, traits, and behaviors of the younger generations.

That was the gist of what I have heard at my children’s school briefing Saturday morning and it was something worth pondering.

And in the priest’s homily last Sunday (New Year’s Eve), he shared with us his observations and what he derived as the 3 common temptations destroying family life today. I was only able to make a mental note and the following are all that I can salvage from my deplorable short term memory:-

1. Pampering instead of loving children

Due to all the guilt for not spending quality time with children, most of us shower them with material things to make up for what we perceived as our inadequacies. There should be “no gadget” policy at meal times.

2. Confusion between the definition of equality and sameness

Using an analogy of the relationship between a teacher and his/her pupil, as a person the teacher and pupil are equal but in terms of role, they are not the same. A student will respect his or her teacher because the latter is wiser. They both have different purposes in life and in many aspects are not equal.

3. Over exaggeration of one human dimension over the other

We have various needs and there are many perspectives to life be it spiritual, financial, physical, mental, and intellect. When we emphasize too much on one of these dimensions, there will be an imbalance that may cause a rift in the family.

Life seemed and should be simple but all the above can be quite provocative. I believe that the fundamentals in life do not change. Automation and Robots are just tools to assist us humans. They will never replace human empathy, compassion, and the ability to love.

Unless and until technology is able to replace this human dimension, humans will always rule over technology.

Unless we choose to be enslaved by technology and losing our fundamentals and values through allowing our younger generation uncontrolled gadget time, the furthest we can go is having people that live on things that are created rather than being the creators themselves.

We are in this period of “organized chaos” where everything is vague and murky. We all need to find clarity and the first thing we all need to do is to see the purpose in everything. We need to get back to basics where one needs not exchange cold hard cash for a virtual currency before performing a transaction.

When we can eat directly using a spoon, why should we eat using another tool that holds the said spoon?

Chimpanzees have been documented to solve problems by using tools like twigs to fish for insects. There is no intermediary tools used and it is a practical and direct approach.

I always wonder why humans tend to make things complicated or make things look intimidating just to sugar coat a simple concept.
There is a saying that goes – “if you can’t convince them, confuse them”.

There are things we need to re-invent and improve in order to advance but not fix what is not broken.

I am sure you get my point.

For 2018, my wish is for people all around the world to have CLARITY. Clarity in seeing what is right and in making the best decisions for oneself, family, community, and the world at large.

I hope that we are able to take a step back to admire the beauty in all the “organized chaos” in our lives, zoom in on what’s important, and go through all challenges successfully.

Have a good year ahead!