The Extinction of I

“Have I no right to do what I like with my own? Why should you be envious because I am generous?” ~ Matthew 20:15

I guess it is only human nature that the laborers expected more for the hours they have put into working the vineyard and very often, the measurement of our worth is quantitative in nature. We do keep scores in most aspects of our lives – career and relationships.

When push comes to shove, it’s every man for himself and it then becomes me, myself, and I.

With the dawn of the internet and social medias, the world seemed to have taken a more narcissistic approach to life. We seek to impress upon others how well to do we are and in some cases, wish to become the reason for others to be envious of us. And for some of us, we become depress when comparing ourselves to what we perceive of others as successful and happy.

There are times when I asked myself if the world will be interested in me and what I “post” online. And if not, why? And do people around me really am interested in me, my thoughts/opinions, and my actions.

Often times, microblogging (on social networking sites) took the role of sounding board for my thoughts and ideas. There are of course hits and misses and the reason why I continue doing it is because expressing myself through writing, I have learned and discovered myself. I usually throw my thoughts out into the open through status updates that can sometimes be offensive to certain group of audiences.

I wonder if being vocal and passionate about certain subjects can be a good thing or otherwise. Should I or should I not click the “post” button? And what are the implications for thinking out loud?

At some point, I too wonder what good would it be if we live in the confines of what others expect of us – what individuality and uniqueness will we possess? I do not think we ought to live life confined by a standard mold when even our fingerprints are different.

It does not really matter if the world is interested in us or we try too hard to live in such a way that we need to make ourselves interesting to others. We need not make ourselves an exotic exhibit in a zoo to seek attention but we really should live our lives as unique individuals by being ourselves. And in order to do that, we need to let our inner self speak up.

The reality is, unlike the animal kingdom where a species gets wiped out, each and every one of us is endangered and we are threatened by extinction. And in fact, when we die, we become extinct because there really is one of us alive.

This is by no means that we should be selfish people. Contrary to that, we must strive to be better not only for ourselves but also for others. But first, we need to discover ourselves and in order to do that, we first need to know ourselves better – by knowing our likes and dislikes.

Therefore, if you look from a different perspective, instead of being envious of a friend who seemed to be globetrotting around the world, just pause for a moment and understand that sometimes, these posts on his or her social networking account really is not to impress but to discover him or herself.

And as for the wage you earn compared to those you perceived as higher, that is just your mind playing tricks on you. Everything in this world comes with a price and there is a reason for everything.

Just accept the fact that somewhere along the way, someone is being very generous in sharing their blessings.

And will you be generous enough to share your good and unique ideas, thoughts, talents, and other forms of blessings just so that someone can feel loved, appreciated, and life is worth living!

Have a good blessed day!