New World Currency

My observation tells me the world is becoming more and more superficial as we speak. Apparently, anything with a huge following and influence will eventually be a de facto standard or taken as a way of life. Just what in the world is cryptocurrency!? I just do not get it.

What is the substance behind this virtual of virtuals? I know telephatic ability seem futuristic but buying something physical with totally intangible currency? Even a nickel is worth something in its true form, right?

The world is really changing in a very scary direction.

Ease of everything seemed to be a term that is music to the ears for the new generation. But how real is this virtual reality?

When the computer was first introduced, it promised to make lives easier for humans. Does it really?

With the dawn of industry 4.0 or 5.0 even, will the cost of goods go down to zero and mankind can sit back, relax, procreate, and run around naked?

Will there come a day when machine and artificial intelligence takes over the world, and we humans no longer need to work? And what will the common denomination/currency be? Will it be a free for all world?

The more instantaneous the world becomes, it seemed like we are slaving more for what we need.

Where is this life leading us?

I wish life remains simple like binary 0s or 1s and Yes or No. Just how complicate must it be? I sometimes wonder why we keep on wrapping simple things in layer after layer of “cosmetics” and “sugar coatings” just to represent the same things differently.

In the gospel reading today, Peter had a very clear objective when he took a leap of faith by getting out of the boat and started walking towards Jesus. His mind soon started to wander and doubt crept in before he began to sink. We are all like Peter because we allow ourselves to overthink and overload our minds with too much information just because it is readily available at our fingertips. Often times, less is more.

Jesus’ message is simple – “Do Not Be Afraid”.

There is just too much insecurity and fear around us. We are afraid of losing competitive edge across the many aspects of our lives be it personal, business, and everything in between. In order to stay in business and in fear of losing profitability, we convinced ourselves that we must “re-invent” our businesses to stay current. Even if it means changing the design of the cover of a book numerous times without altering the contents.

We need to take courage and look at the substance and true worth of things. We cannot allow our values to be compromised by the superficial.

In order to discern during a chaotic situation, we first need to be at eased and at peace.

Sometimes, that can be achieved by just looking at some fishes swimming gracefully in an aquarium…

In Search For The Saint

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” ~ Matthew 11:28

It is almost a month now that we’ve had not listened to the inspiring words of our favorite priest on weekends. After completing some urgent work, it was 3.30 am when I finally went to bed this morning. I had the strangest of dreams. There he was being very silent and still but yet comforting in the dream. I guess he brings about an image of peace and tranquility in a chaotic world. His presence alone brings a smile to the heart.

We all know dreams are not meant to be interpreted because they usually do not mean anything. But somehow, this particular dream reminded me of the quote above.

(5 days later…)

While writing the above, something urgent came up that needed my attention and this post was left unfinished. Sitting here at the end of the weekend, I am finally able to finish up this post.

Today, the focus of the reading is on Mount Tabor where Jesus transfigured while His disciples witnessed in great awe. The priest’s sermon spoke about “Top Of The Mountain” experience. It somehow reminded me of how people with addiction struggle to chase after the “first highs” in their lives.

The quote “I’m the king of the world!” was made famous by Jack played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the hit movie Titanic. A perfect example of what can be used to describe a “top of the mountain” experience.

Having had followed the provocative sermons of a priest for most of my life had me spoiled with “top of the mountain” spiritual encounters every weekend. It has become very difficult to come back down to the regular experiences “on the ground”.

The question now is whether the past “top of the mountain” experiences will be able to sustain me in the present and as well as the future. Or do I detach myself from being so dependent and expectant of the approaches of the past?

I would like to think that there has been growth after so long and I would be able to find inspiration on my own. Perhaps, my focus has been at all the wrong places or that is something I tell myself as a consolation?

Whatever it is, I am opined that “top of the mountain” experiences should motivate us to achieve greater heights in life. They should be the building blocks for more “top of the mountain” experiences.

I hope you have a “top of the mountain” experience today that will not only inspire you but also sustain you through all the challenges you’ll face in the future.