Keeping Promises

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” ~ John 14:15

It was Thursday morning in the bustling city that is renown for its nightlife. Having breakfast alone before heading out for work, I cannot help but to eavesdrop on the conversation taking place at the next table between a man with German accent and a local lady. In such a setting and based on the contents of the conversation, it is very easy to assume that the lady is a bar girl the man had picked up the night before. Such a scene is very common here and from the many stories I have heard, this place is dubbed as a haven for men looking for some “fun”.

At the same time, I gazed upon my social media feed and came across a comment by a friend on the topic of prenuptial agreement.

The thought of infidelity and prenuptial agreement seemed to have collided on my mind and my thoughts narrowed down to – MARRIAGE.

With some assumptions in the first paragraph, I don’t know how people can “give themselves away” so casually. To be inside of someone or allow someone to enter into such a personal space without commitment seems too careless and negligent to me.

And on the other hand, people considering prenuptial agreement should really pause for a moment and ask themselves:

“Why even begin life together when you already have the “the end” on mind?”

I am opined that one should remain unattached (not bound legally or by contract of marriage) if they prefer to be in a non-committal relationship.

After all these thoughts and gobbling up my breakfast, I headed out to work and paid no mind to the topic anymore until…

The priest in his sermon today spoke about promises and keeping the covenant. As he brought life to the gospel, it begin to dawn on me what I had thought about mid week. In summary, he spoke about how when people keep their promises, they keep their integrity as a trustworthy and dependable person.

It is very interesting for me to personally experience thought provoking situations that later bring about good reflections through the gospel.

Often times, people are hurt due to broken promises, infidelity, unfaithfulness, and betrayal. In order for us to live up to our promises, we really ought to be wise in choosing how we should share our “personal space” and there are some things that should not be casually shared lest breaking the most valuable promises in our lives.


A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine shared an article about how to win at living life. I can only summarize it as “keep going and keep growing”. I can totally relate the article to something that I had read many years ago in one of the many “self help” books during my days of self discovery.

In that particular book, it was written along the lines that one is built to retain what he or she deserves. In other words, at any one point of our lives, like a container of different sizes, we are able to retain certain amount of riches and fortunes.

The book further gave a few examples of millionaires that bounced back after a bout of bankruptcy to be where they were before or better.


Like what the article suggests, when we grow as a person, our pot of wealth grows in parallel. No matter what happens to us, we will be able to get back to the spot we “belong” unless we shrink ourselves or unable to retain our strength to endure through the temporary hardship.

There were a few instances in my observation of the corporate world that I became very frustrated at how imbalance the hierarchy is. For example, there were times when I thought that some people in higher positions do not deserve being where they are because of all the “not walking the talks”. I do not know about you but I get really frustrated when the talkers are earning much more and having better lives than the hard workers. Being that idealistic person that I am, I feel that it is very unfair for those with valuable skills to be placed under the purview and at the mercy of those without substance. Often times, their talents go to waste under the incompetent and aimless so called “managers” (not leaders).

So, the question really is, how can the hard workers grow to eventually take over as good leaders at the top of the “food chain”?

It is probably time to be still and listen to the desires of my heart. The noises and distractions seemed to cloud my vision once again. I cannot be floating aimlessly without a direction in this river of life. Sometimes, we see with our eyes, reason with our minds but forget to listen to our hearts.

Have a good weekend…


I wish I could write something inspirational today but it is one of those days. The kind of day that it is difficult to muster some strength let alone be inspiring.

I guess saying goodbye is my biggest weakness. The news of another “transfer” came over the weekend and I think that it has finally sinked in for me.

As of late, I am finding that my role models are starting to leave my life one after another either through deaths or transfers. They sure have adverse effects on me and I start to distant myself from others. It is a defense mechanism.

My fear of losing the access to those mind provocative and intellectual challenging discussions. The peace brought about by the rational perspective in a noisy world will soon come to an end.

I am lost without that little window of time to bask in wonderment and clarity.

“Stay in Jerusalem, embrace the battles, and have the bruises and wounds as prove of victory”.