One of the topics of photography is composition. Like an artwork, composition is how you tell a story with your photo. In other words, what is the focal point, leading character or object that you would like your audience to pay attention to.

I for one can never understand all the technicalities of photography and that is the reason why digital photography has since saved me a lot of money. I just click away because I do not have to worry about developing the photos just to look at the results like back in the old film days.

I have taken a lot of photos for the past 10 years. Most of them are cluttered and at first glance, no one will know what I am actually trying to focus on. Have you ever wondered how life could be if you can turn off the colors to things that are unimportant to you?

I asked myself that question today and here might be some examples of what my eyes and mind will see if I can choose what I would like to focus visually.

The Lifesaving Canoe. One that helps you stay afloat.
One that is good for your soul.
The Symbol of Love.
For the air we need to live and the inspiration that lifts up our spirit.
Life among the concrete.
Keeping afloat in the rat race.
Color -the beauty we often miss and take for granted.
It is hard saying goodbye to the last leaf.
Gives life amidst the dead.
Keeping food dry when it rains.
Storing the food that sustains us.
Food for the hungry.
Providing you with the air that keeps you alive.

Editing these photos in such a way helped me put into perspective what I emphasize and focus in life. There is a common theme in all of them and that is looking at what is life bearing and sustaining.

Isn’t that what we are all looking for? Not only to survive but to thrive.

May all that you do gives life and grow…


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