It is the 4th week of Lent and the gospel reading today is about Jesus restoring sight of a blind man. The sermon reflects on this miracle in terms of spiritual darkness rather than a physical one. The blindness causes darkness to those inflicted.

As a summary, darkness is not caused by our past sins but instead, holds a meaning for the future. In other words, we do not look to our past in order to seek the reason for our current predicament. The current predicament holds the reason that makes us stronger in facing the future.

I was a little distracted at mass today and the only image that came to mind was an image of Padre Pio. I have no idea why but looking at the beautiful stained glass in the church inspired me to design a stained glass of my favorite saint.

Perhaps it is a sign that I should seek the intercession of this great saint to heal and deliver me from any form of spiritual blindness that I might be facing.

After a couple of hours, here’s the result of my digital artwork:


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