This is not my attempt to be political correct. Like anyone else, we are all entitled to our opinions and views. This is my view as a human being living in this world filled with diversity. In fact, the LGBTQ+ does not concern me at all and I believe it should not be of anyone’s concern as well. Not something we should be invasive and imposing on others.

This post is inspired by the ban some countries and states have imposed on the much awaited movie – Beauty & The Beast. It was alleged that Lefou is the culprit.

These are my thoughts on the larger picture.

I believe that most of what we perceive, believe, and judge is learned. Often times, credible and influential people or organizations have a way and the power in controlling what we ought to believe as truth.

We are indeed taught and indoctrinated to shun the LGBT community and believe that they are a group of “diseased” individuals.

But the pertinent question to ask is whether or not we have personally get to know them as individuals – their aspirations and ideals?

I do not like to put a label on people but I do have a few friends who are either L, G, B, T, or Q. I found that when I get to know them personally, they are no different from any us and they are indeed, humans.

If you talk about a crime, it can be committed by anyone be it straight or otherwise. Therefore, we have no evidence and cannot pinpoint or accuse the rise in crime rates related to certain groups of people.

I am also very certain that the first thing that comes to our minds when the topic of LGBTQ+ is mentioned is SEX. Sex seemed to be what LGBTQ+ is all about. But if you take a step back and observe carefully all that are around us, you will eventually trace back to SEX. Look at all the beautiful figures on the magazines – girls want to look pretty and slim while boys want to look buff and muscular. Every beauty magazine is subtly oozing out SEX.

For me, LGBTQ+ goes beyond just sexual orientation. It is what every person is as a human be it emotion, physical, psychological, and etc. We have all disagree and agree on so many things and I do not see why we cannot take sexual orientation as one of it if that is what LGBTQ+ is all about.

Promiscuity and sexual transmitted diseases continue to plague mankind whether or not there are LGBTQ+. The world’s oldest profession – prostitution, continues to be in business whether or not LGBTQ+ exists.

So who are we to pass judgment on another person based on his or her sexual orientation?

But most importantly, how does it affect us?

It will only affect us if we allow ourselves to be affected. If we allow ourselves to be part of someone else’ judgment and hatred through our own ignorance.

You can be offended by anyone regardless of their sexual orientation. And likewise, you can be loved by anyone regardless of their sexual orientation.

But will you love unconditionally regardless of one’s sexual orientation?

Perhaps we should all remember that Love is not Sex…

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” ~ John 13:34


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