God, Please Stop Micromanaging!

Yet another “Why Catholics Fast & Abstain” text message this morning and I almost went berserk!

Yes, I know it is Lent!

Yes, I know about fasting and abstaining!

Yes, I know abstaining from meat is not to save the poor animal’s soul like how and why our Buddhist brethren go vegan.

But my soul screams, “god, please stop micromanaging!”

Don’t get me wrong, this god I am referring to is not the Divine or the omnipotent. But instead, this god that I am referring to is the over invasive and ever loving friends bombarding me with all these repetitive resources and reminders.

Just for kicks and to annoy one of such friends, I told him that I had the best pork stew on Ash Wednesday and he told me that I have committed a grave sin. I then asked him if it was right for a human to judge me to which he was dumbfounded. He suggested that I go tell a priest of what I have said and was curious to know the repercussion. I questioned him further if he is practicing the faith mainly out of fear for a priest or genuinely for love of God. In response to this, he asked me to jump out of the window!

I hope that “mind your own faith” makes it onto the Lenten penance list!

Too much of anything is bad for you“. Having spaghetti once or twice a week is bearable but imagine having it for the entire week! I don’t know about you but it will come to a point when it exceeds a certain limit, there will be resistance.

Leading up to Ash Wednesday, I have been receiving numerous “reminders” of how and what I should do to be considered a person practicing the faith. So much so, it felt as if I was a buffalo among its herd being led to the only destiny I know nothing about.

I am no buffalo

Just how in the world would you like me to quantify and justify fasting? Should I fast until my stomach turns inside out?

If it needs reminding, than there is no point practicing. Practicing one’s faith in my most humble opinion is from within oneself. It is a case of I truly want to practice it and thus, I do.

As a conclusion, allow me to say that if you love me, leave me alone to practice my faith lest I turn Atheist (yes, that is a threat!)…

After all and though rituals are man made, they should help and lead us to the Divine instead of creating a sense of resistance, repulsion, and aversion. Moderation is sufficient.

Let it go and let God take the lead…


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