Random Blip

Are we ever in total control or are we and every life’s event made up of a collection of individual random blips in this universe?

This weekend, I once again reflected on the topic of gratefulness and at the same time took a step back to ponder the what ifs in life.

My thoughts brought me back to the day I was conceived. To put things into perspective, I would like to invite you to journey with me through time to the day you were conceived as well. Just imagine that the number of couples engaging in the act of procreation throughout the world that day.

Accordingly, it is believed that a healthy man is able to release 40 million to 1.2 billion sperms in a single ejaculation. Multiply that to the number of men you would think was engaging in the act on the day you were conceived. If that is not a blip of randomness that you were conceived out of the billions of sperms fertilizing that single egg, I do not know what is. How can you even explain such randomness scientifically?

The thought of it is enough for me to give up explaining and put my faith in believing the existence of God.

If you would take a step further to imagine that out of the billions, you happened to be conceived into a place where you will not have the chance to even read this blog entry or do not understand a single word written, you might be profoundly grateful that you are indeed blessed.

Indeed, there are many aspects of our lives that are out of our control. They say the only constant is change. And in change, new challenges are presented before us.

In all the randomness, we are faced with nothing but problems. In fact, while pondering this weekend, I came to realization that the sole purpose of our lives is to solve problems.

From the moment we open our eyes until we lay down to rest for the day, we are constantly making a decision, answering questions, improving our skills, and seeking solutions. Sometimes we rely on the assistance of tools and technologies while for the rest, we seek to innovate or create anew.

I once thought that purpose was something with great significance and appears in the most dramatic of events.

But after going through much of what life has got to offer, I now understand that to truly discover one’s purpose is to always begin at the problem.

The world can be chaotic in throwing us with many random blips in the form of problems and predicaments.

All we have to do is tackle and solve one problem at a time. In doing so, may we discover new strengths, ingenuity, confidence, fulfillment, innovations, and creations.

And may your problems lead you to your purpose…

A random blip that turned out beautiful. This little dog came from no where and poked its nose into my camera lens.
A random blip that turned out beautiful. This little dog came from no where and poked its nose into my camera lens.

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