A priest recently in his sermon introduced us to David Brooks’ Resume Virtues & Eulogy Virtues. He used these as examples to emphasize and explain how we should live a good life.

As I sat through the funeral mass for our dear friend this morning, I was overwhelmed with a great sense of sadness and grief. I can hardly contain my composure and the more I tried to suppress the feeling, the more tears started welling up in my eyes.

Being myself, I seek to find the reason why his death has affected me so badly emotionally. The priest’s sermon and the eulogy was spot on in pointing out the values that the deceased have lived by all his life. And how these virtues has shone through and influenced all those around him.

I came to realization it was the eulogy virtues that has established and nurtured a bond and connection. It was at this point that my mind flashed back all the memories when the deceased has inspired me throughout my life.

From him, I learned that hard work pays off and when faced with challenges, to have faith that God will be in control of all situations – good or bad.

One of the valuable lessons I can take away from his life is the importance of a close-knitted family even if it means being away from them regularly. In fact, whenever I am alone facing the great big world out there on business trips, he will come to mind as a role model and inspiration. With him as an example, I am able to draw strength to take on all the challenges head on.

Today, I also learned that every person have eulogy virtues that they live by and at death, should be recognized as part of the legacy he or she leaves behind. No one dies in vain – death only marks the completion of a purposeful and well lived life.


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