A friend passed away this morning. We lost him to cancer.
During his battle with the dreadful disease, his wife have always asked for prayers.

It got me thinking and asking why prayers are often requested and done silently.

It is quite contrary to the ways the world handles its other needs and wants. We are loud when it comes to complains, slanders, and chaos. How quickly have our worldly grievances on social media go “viral” and we bask gleefully under the amount of likes and comments?

And how often do you see prayer requests go “viral”?

We tend to shun the “holy moly” stuff so to speak. Perhaps, after a few shares, the momentum diminishes.

Have we lost faith? Have we stop believing?

As we grieve over the passing of our dear friend, I reflect upon his life’s journey and how it proves that the world handles things very differently.

I knew that he has always wanted to obtain his rightful citizenship but to no avail because the authorities constantly denied his applications. He was born overseas and there seemed to have been some complications in obtaining his birth documents which caused him to be labelled as “stateless” until the day of his passing.

But today, I believe the angels of the Lord accompanied him heavenward and Jesus with his arms wide open greeted him with a smile and a comforting hug saying, “Stateless No More, Welcome Home”.

So with a heavy heart and tearful eyes, I bid you “Rest In Peace” my dear friend. Please watch over all of us especially your wife and children.

You are a beautiful soul and we will miss you.


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