Perception & Perspective


Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”~John 20:29

If you have ever stood in the middle of Times Square for the first time, you will surely feel surreal when all that you have seen and heard about it becomes a reality. And when you are the only one standing still in the midst of all the rush, hustle, and bustle, you would become that little dot lost in the sea of people.

The earth is estimated to be inhabited by 7.4 billion people. Just what are the odds of each and every one of us being alive right now?

Out of 7.4 billion people worldwide, there are 65.3 million people displaced and 21.3 million refugees. Refugees from Syria alone, numbered 4.9 million (statistics from UNHCR website).

Have you ever given thought that with a stroke of misfortune or “bad luck”, your circumstances may be very different compared to what it is right now?

Just giving thought as to how one is conceived in terms of time and place undetermined and uncontrollable, is in itself uniquely profound and mysterious.

Whenever I am feeling ungrateful or dissatisfied, I tend to think how my life would be if I was born into the many different undesirable circumstances – no freedom to profess one’s religion, unable to commute freely without fear, forced into modern day slavery, living hungry through famine, homeless, and etc.


But often times, we do not see ourselves as special and extraordinary. Could it be that we are blinded to what we see regularly? We take for granted the same things we should cherish and appreciate.

Indeed, blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.

Perhaps we should all first believe that we are truly blessed and only then our eyes would be opened to all the beautiful things our world has got to offer.


It is nothing but perception isn’t it?


We are all made for a purpose. We are blessed with a multitude of talents that when combined, can build and create a beautiful, majestic, and magnificent world.

We must first believe…


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