Happy New Year 2017


There is suppose to be this newness in the air but I do not seem to feel much of it. It is as though I have became immune to another new year. The clock struck 12 and it was nothing but another regular day. Time is just a number and reference. I have not at this point thought about any resolution for the new year. I guess that is the effects of routines – they numb us.

But we really should be feeling joyful. Only the other day over dinner, I was relating to a friend how lucky we are to be able to live through this era. We have seen many advancements in technology and witnessed countless of paradigm shifts. We have seen how the medias evolved – from cassette tapes to mp3. The evolution of music players – the turntable, walkman, discman, and now, the smartphones not only play music but able to do much more.

I guess that is the kind of realization that helps us to be grateful.

The priest puts it very simply this morning that we should not start the year with resolutions but instead with REALIZATIONS.

We should realize how lucky we are to be able to live through each day filled with grace and blessings. Even being able to sit here and write this entry in the comfort of a home should be taken as a realization.

I only have one resolution for this year – GROWTH.

I want to grow as a person through the many aspects of my life – self, family, community, and career.

My hope for you is that you have many realizations that will help you fulfill your resolutions for 2017.

May the year be filled with joy, kindness, love, forgiveness, and hope.



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