Season of Love


Please be warned that this post is going to be so random that I am not too sure where I am heading with it.

But here I am, hoping to end what I am beginning to write.

So we have begin the Advent journey 3 weeks ago and during times like this, we may be a little more in tuned with the spiritual side of our lives. We tend to pay more attention to things we have not been able to throughout the year. Perhaps a little more reflective especially towards those in need.

I believe the drive behind this is LOVE.

Throughout this week itself, it has been quite an emotional roller coaster. Stories upon stories that moved me and one of which is the story of Eric Schmitt-Matzen.

If I have only one wish sitting on Santa’s lap, it would be a shift in the culture of religions – an end to how we guilt trip one another using what we perceive as God’s wrath and punishments. We need to stop bargaining for God’s blessing in exchange for good behavior. We just need to be good people inspired by LOVE.

We no longer live in a world obedient and loyal to just a single school of thought. As diversity thrives, it is harder to expect uniformity and consistency. Definitions of things are becoming very dynamic and there is no one size fits all mold anymore. All we can do is never give up the search for hope, love, joy, and peace in all that we do.

May we all in our uniqueness contribute to the greater goodness the world needs today.

I hope you enjoyed reading my randomness today.


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