When Are We Strongest?

A 10 years old kid asked me over the weekend, “If crime is legalized for 12 hours, who would you kill?”
I sure did not expect such a question coming from a young man his age but was convinced that he must have gotten the idea from watching too much violent TV. I found out later that it was the theme of a recent horror movie.

I thought it was quite disturbing to have a child that young thinking about killing. It only affirms what a priest has mentioned in one of his sermons in recent years – “What the eyes sees, the mind believes”.

While I was taken aback by his question, I had to quickly come out with an answer that I thought should turn the negativity around into something positive. I do not usually go all preachy on others but I had to turn the situation around fast since my young daughters was present and witnessing the conversation taking place.

And so, I started…

“We all have something call conscience – the ability to differentiate between right and wrong”

“Strength is not killing another person when or just because you can. But strength is deciding and choosing right over wrong even when you have full freedom to do what is wrong”

“You are strong if only you have self-control when all around you is chaos and no control”

We see it very often on social media how establishments are taught to be careful when putting themselves out on cyberspace publicly. Social medias can be seen as double-edged sword – they either build or destroy. Situations are made worse when people can and will make harsh comments that breaks businesses.

My guess is that instant gratification can also be fueling the flames. We want to get our dissatisfaction out of our systems fast so that we can move on to the next item on our to-do list.

The internet has become the fastest channel to dump our emotions be it good or bad. But why has depression and suicide rates gone up?

I can only think that it is due to the contents that we are allowing ourselves and our children subscribe to.

This situation made me wonder if I am crippling my children in terms of technology advancements by limiting their “digital time”? Or should I be exposing them but at the same time ensure they have a good sense of self-control? How much is good?

We do not even have enough time to love, so the question really is, “If you have only 12 hours to live, who would you want to spend the time with?”

When exactly are we the strongest?