Have You Ever


One thing I love about growing up in the 90s is the music. There were so much originality and experimentations that paved way to the many new genres we have today.

And they say that the best part of the song is the first line. This was recently confirmed by television host James Corden in his show’s “First Line, Every Line” segment.

If you are one of those who grew up in the 90s, you will know Brandy Norwood – an actress and singer-songwriter. She shot into fame through the television series called Moesha.

In one of her more successful music album titled Never Say Never, there was a song called Have You Ever. And its first line is “Have you ever loved somebody so much it makes you cry”.

I am not sure if you have such experiences before but I have been a little more emotional than I used to as a young lad. Every now and then, my mind would imagine my loved ones being in a less than desirable situation and suddenly there will be this feeling of soreness in my heart. The feelings can be quite intense and I find myself in tears sometimes.

Likewise, when I imagine them losing the dependent in me and the anguish they would go through. This sort of thoughts are the ones that gave me the strength to perservere in all the challenges that I am facing at that point.

I guess that is what true love does to a grown man.

As the season of Advent draws closer, there is this sense of closeness. I want to do nothing except spending quality time with my family.

I want to immerse myself in that cosy feeling of home – smell of cookies baking, sound of Christmas carols, and the children’s laughters.

Christmas for me, always brings about that image of a cottage emitting smokes from its chimney and covered in white puffy snow – an image befitting of a postcard.

But we do not usually get that perfect image anymore do we?

Perhaps global warming had pushed snowing season well after Christmas day. Or perhaps we have been too busy and forgotten the true meaning of Christmas?

Just like that specific feeling we have for the upcoming festives season, my wish for the world is for it to experience love.

So much love that it hurts because you can never have enough of love in this world.

God bless ya’ll…

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