When Negativity Pays


The news agencies have an uncanny love for negativity and thrive on sensationalism. And this is made worse by the many social media platforms which opens up the floodgates to news that are truths, half truths, and outright lies.

Throughout the week, my facebook feed has been flooded with news, opinions, outrage, shock, jokes, and nothing but everything about the USA Elections.

Many are still in disbelief and in shock with the results regardless of their political stand or candidiate of choice.

As someone observing from a far, I thought Mr. Trump’s campaigning strategies were brilliant – whether it was deliberate or not. Here is a guy I thought was really good at exploiting what the news agencies are good at – providing endless airtime to sensational news.

And the results?

We get to know about all the rhetorics the regular Americans gravitated to – expel the illegals, build the wall, care for veterans, and make America great again.

And how was it done?

Through speeches that promoted racism, bigotry, homophobia, and everything else except positivity. Just take a look at all the words used to define and summarize Mr. Trump’s speeches throughout the campaign and you will notice that majority of them are words that are negative in nature.

In my most humble opinion, the mainstream news agencies had given Mr. Trump the most effective way to boost his publicity FREE OF CHARGE. To that, I must say – serve them right.

I hope news agencies start to reflect and re-evaluate the contents they share through their platforms. They are indeed double edge swords.

I am not writing this piece to state my support for anyone but on a general note, it looks to me that Americans have broke out of the insanity loop by trying to do something different and against the status quo.


Good or bad?

Only time will tell…

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