Not Until You Have Nothing


Like most people, I had a very rough start in my career. I did not enjoy my job until quite recently.  I spent the first few years having no direction and worry about job security, nasty bosses, steep learning curves, and very overwhelming work load.

As the years went by, I started working with amazing and inspiring people. My big big break did not happen until I was blessed with good managers that not only gave me good guidance but was inspiring and instrumental to my success.


So how did I survive those long hard years of struggle?

There were two statements that I held close to my heart during those difficult years and they are “The best is yet to come” and “It keeps getting better”.

I started drawing strength and motivation from past bad experiences and I found myself saying “this is not as bad as when I was working with…” while recalling difficult situations that caused me to quit the previous job.

Through time and with each new career move, things got better and better.

I am now convinced that it is natural for us to keep on searching for betterment in life. But in our journey in seeking happiness and success, we tend to make the wrong decisions that caused us much grievances. While curious to know what the future holds and what fortune new opportunities might bring, we get distracted and become ungrateful with what we have already achieved and attained.

Certain decisions may cause us to lose everything that we have built and achieved. That is when we look back in our lives and start to recollect what we miss most – the regrets. But there are lessons to learn in such situations as well so that when something bad happens we can recall them and be appreciative that our current predicaments are not as bad.

I guess that is exactly why we all need some tough times in our lives lest we forget what we must appreciate. Every situation has a role to play in our lives be it good or bad. The bad reminds us of all the good that we have and the good reminds us of all the bad we have gone through. Tough journey towards victory only makes the victory sweeter.


If you are currently facing difficult situations, I hope you will hold onto faith knowing that it will only get better…



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