At Face Value

We are very familiar with the saying “never judge a book by its cover” but because the world is so well trained to sugar coat things, we often find ourselves taking things at face value.

I believe I have mentioned in one of my previous posts that I dislike following the bandwagon. In other words, I prefer  to chart my own unique course in life.

I recently found myself interested in getting one of those funky Bluetooth wireless headphones because I have started finding the cables cumbersome.

As I went through the reviews and aisles at the store, I came across the big names and found their prices impossible for my budget. Then I came to an unassuming corner at one of the aisles where the House of Marley range of products were displayed. I am not sure if you would agree but I feel that we are somehow taught to think that there is a direct correlation between price and quality. I do not deny that quality is a reflection for the price one pays but I am also opined that not all affordable items are inferior.

House of Marley Rebel BT

I picked up this Rebel BT headphones and thought to myself it was a perfect fit budget wise. Please do not get me wrong – this is not a product review post. The point that I would like to put across is that, if I have been a brand royalist when choosing my new headphones, I might have easily overlooked this “underdog”. One of the reviews pointed out that the over emphasized bass sound as the biggest con but the music app on my mobile comes with equalizer feature that solved the bass problem easily (increasing the treble). I am glad to say that I now have a travel companion in Marley.

On the same note, I would also like to share what I witnessed after dinner last evening.

As I was walking to the metro station last evening, I saw what will remain on mind forever. An image of two people sitting on the floor playing a game of chess – a student and a homeless man.


It was to me very profound and an unlikely combination. Perhaps it is very common here but extremely rare where I came from.

You see, our world has grown to be very selfish and everything is about oneself first before the other. We have grown to constantly alleviate our status while belittling others to further exert our superiority. In that process, we have become extremely judgmental especially in defining success over failure.

This image of a student playing a game of chess with a homeless man is for me the epitome of living life without barriers. Such a beautiful expression of equality and diversity. We are all made to be unique and each and everyone of us have a role to play in this great big world.

If only we stop and care to take notice what is beyond “the cover” and “at face value”, I am sure you would agree that God have indeed made an amazing world.

Hope you enjoyed reading my randomness today…


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