Define Your Hurdles


How often have you found yourself shutting your mind to the difficulties you face in life? You kept avoiding a particular subject, responsibility, decision, and action just to realize it keeps coming back at you.

I woke up today having a vague idea for today’s post and to be honest, I have forgotten how I should articulate it anymore. I wanted to write about how I would approach conquering the difficulties of life so that whenever I am faced with such situations, I will be able to revisit this post to find enlightenment.

But I guess I should begin with the obvious – defining the problem.

To take on and beat your enemy, you must first give it a face and acknowledge its existence. Life can be filled with challenges whether it is something related to your job or on a personal level.

I am currently standing at a crossroad of my life where a crucial decision is needed. The self-doubt has started emerging at the back of my mind causing me to question my own competencies. I am trying to define and give a clear definition for this negative thought. It is not always a physical difficulty but it can also be a psychological one. How should we convince ourselves mentally that things are not and how we perceive them especially when they are external elements, variables, and parameters involved. One such concern is identifying the way I am going to handle the challenges that will come my way for the decision that I am about to make.

For example, during the course of the day at work, I get questions that have caught me off guard that I was unable to answer immediately. I found myself under the pressure of instant gratification from the person seeking answers. The need for an instantaneous response can be overwhelming. I concur with the quote made famous by Stephen Covey, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.

As far as interaction with others is concern, I am not guilty of listening with the intent of understanding. But I am guilty when it comes to listening to myself and I believe many of you can relate to that as well.

We tend to avoid the difficult dilemmas in our own lives by just brushing it off and hope it goes away somehow. We never ever quiet down to define these challenges clearly and take them head on.

Throughout the past few years, I have challenged the status quo in my life. This week, I learned something invaluable around the topic of challenging the status quo. Difficult situations are always disruptive to our comfort and we are usually untroubled and find status quo standing between us and the need for change brought about by difficult situations.

I think we really need to start re-evaluate and re-think how we handle situations. Firstly, we convince ourselves that we do not need to response immediately and secondly, with the time we are entitled to, we are able to give better thoughts and considerations into our response. Ultimately, we will be able to offer better resolutions and ideas for the questions, issues, and problems thrown at us.

I hope you enjoy reading my randomness today.


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