To Each His Own

In diversity, we find beauty. We are all different in our own unique way which adds color to this world.
In diversity, we find beauty. We are all different in our own unique ways which adds color to this world.

There are a few things we can learn from the singing reality show The Voice. The most prominent being, never to judge a book by its cover. In the “blind auditions”, coaches are suppose to pick good contestants only by listening to them sing. This gives every contestant a fair chance at competing.

But the irony of it all is that we are still very judgmental in nature. We judge from anything to everything in our lives.

There are two things that was on my mind throughout the week – LGBT and The Bible.

Let’s talk about LGBT first.

I found one of the contestants on the new season of The Voice rather good (again I am being judgmental) and wanted to see if there were more recordings on him on youtube. I soon stumbled across his youtube channel and found a video of him “coming out” as a gay person. According to him, it is very difficult to be a gay person in the music genre he is in because apparently the genre he works with is all macho and “manly”. Well, at least that is what I thought he was trying to say.

I believe that discriminations are real and some get discriminated more than others. We may get discriminated by our race, sexual orientation, religion, and political alignment or even all of the above.

To be honest, each time I read, watch, or hear of someone’s “coming out”, I get totally annoyed. I felt the same when I came across this particular artist’s coming out video.

Why do they have to do that?!

Simply put, I don’t have to tell the world what I had for dinner yesterday or what I did with my wife within the four walls of our bedroom (now you can let your imagination run wild).

We really need not be privy to someone else’ life lest live within the confines of others’ expectations on us.

A friend of mine explained the reason for coming out this morning. According to him, it is similar to a declaration. Like a sharing with friends and family when one gets married. I can accept that.

But in reality, judgments and expectations are all around us. In some countries, even a write up on the subject of LGBT will attract accusations of encouraging “inappropriate lifestyle” and cause publications to lose their publishing rights.

But do we stop writing and talking about it?

Not unless everyone accepts and come to terms with the fact that a gay person is like any other homosapien walking on the face of this earth.

In other words, being judgmental is in fact, a personal stance and decision. If every individual make a resolution to stop judging, collectively the world at large will be less judgmental towards the LGBT community.

Now, let’s talk about the Bible. Yes, that huge book containing the word of God. The same one athiests brush off as nonsense, violent, and everything in between.

Being a believer, I have my moments of doubt and during such times, I ask “What will happen to all believers if one day, it is proven that all that has been written in that huge book is nothing but true?”.

Well, let’s take Aesop Fables to put into context what I think will happen to me if one day I found out the contents of the Bible are untrue. Though this is very unlikely to happen since my definition of faith is the decision to believe and I am one that do not reverse my decision once I make a decision (else I won’t waste time making the decision in the first place – in my own terms callee principle).

Aesop Fables offer many good principles of life to live by. Every story brings about the moral values to help us be better person. Like it or not, most of us practices and lives by these moral values even without us consciously knowing or realizing.

Well, the bible is no different if indeed it must meet the ultimate judgment of being true or false. I am opined that nothing can be written if it has not been experienced before. But the manner in which any experience can be written or articulated takes many forms and styles. Shall we take them all literally?

Therefore, the bible to me is the ultimate expression of life experiences which offers me inspirations and guidance in living my own life.

In conclusion, we are all unique in our own ways – each and everyone of us regardless of creed, and race. We are a combination of hundreds if not millions of genetical code.

Even writing this piece takes a different thought process. The style, approach, and the obvious or less obvious points that I try to make or get across are unique. Or at least, that is what I hope – this makes an interesting read.

Atheists can point out every flaw in the bible and believers can do likewise to justify an atheist’s misunderstood reasoning. When will all these proving and disapproving end?

In terms of declaring one’s beliefs, can we now also say that every declaration that Jesus is someone’s saviour the same as the declaration made by a gay person coming out?

Who are we to judge?

I am no heaven’s gatekeeper.

To each his own and let there be peace….

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