Real Conversations

How often or when was the last time you actually had a truly “connected” conversation with someone? The type of conversation that gives you a sense of fulfillment the moment it ended? The kind that is filled with values and philosophies of life?

I always enjoy a good and thought provoking conversation that challenges my intellect. The type of conversations that I appreciate most are those that enables me to feel not only the presence of a soul in the person I am talking to but also leaves me feeling truly connected to him or her.

We tend to compartmentalize our lives and we put up a different mask based on the roles we play in our lives. So much so that our pretentious identity takes over and changes the person that we truly are. Very often, we turn to the virtual world as an escape and the true self expresses itself because of all the deprivation caused by the other identities.

We spend most of our time at work and as we play out our roles at the workplace, we tend to have small talks and unfulfilling conversations with our co-workers. To keep a professional front, we almost never open up the personal compartment at work.

Likewise, when we get home, we shut the door of the professional compartment and put on the personal front because very often, our family may not understand our role at work and are not interested in the details of our jobs.

Among the all compartments, I assume that our social media compartment would be the most interesting and complex because in the cyber world and behind the guise of a username, we are able to express our wildest imagination, play out the perfect impression, and allowing ourselves to be soaked in all the affirmations, praises, and perceived “feel good” feelings.

I had a very good conversation with a friend living far away today. The reason why I considered it a good conversation is because it left me feeling very refreshed and fulfilled. It was a two way conversation with contents ranging from the simple updates of our lives since we last chatted to how different countries use tax monies to benefit their people in general. We also seek and exchanged opinions on certain decisions we were mulling over and it was really interesting how I was able to get a new perspective and fresh ideas in those matters discussed.

It was the type of conversation that will never get into the professional or social media compartments and not necessarily the personal compartment either.

I believe at the end of the day, it is very important that you shut all other compartments and give way to that ME compartment because chances are, the ME compartment has been long buried underneath the mountainous pile of compartments we so often spend most our time on. I guess it is very easy to get into such a state when our lives are often habitual.

I hope you will have the time to seek the ME compartment this weekend and ask yourself – “Have I had a Real Conversation lately?”

Go ahead, pick up that phone…



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