Right-side Up or Wrong-side Down?


The sole intention for me creating this weblog is to use it as a journal. It is a channel for me express my views as I gain new experiences in life. From time to time, I read through the older entries just to reminisce past experiences as well as gauge where I am in life generally.

As of late, I have been writing a lot about the spirituality of my life and my reflection on how faith plays its role in all the experiences. Some of my blog entries tend to sound a little Atheist-like in my stance with certain cultures and traditions.

It is not that I do not believe in God, it is just that I do not believe in a cruel and punishing God.

If we practice certain religion which is based solely on the interpretation of the scripture, we may get very confused with the many school of thoughts. We may find many contradictory verses in these scriptures making us wonder if we really should take them literally.

And then, there are these expectations which different groups with different school of thoughts tend to imposed on us as we journey through life. To complicate things further, we too have our own individualistic perceptions and perspectives.

So how do we juggle and cope with all these while maintaining our unique identities?

Many would say, to each his own and I concur with that.

We are made to be different and to experience different experiences in life. I reckon that when humans in general become generic, it is a sign that mankind is doomed.

With the dawn of the discoveries of all things quantum, we need to start looking at things quite differently. We usually use “between…and…” as a preposition to define a measure between two things. Perhaps in quantum, it will be a measure of three or more things concurrently.

Thus, between expectations, perspectives, and perceptions are what our individuality are defined…

P/S: Honestly, I had no idea what I was writing about. Just some random way to explain my thoughts about the above photo I took at the park this morning. Just trying to sound like a genius.


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