Instantly Gratified

It is the Olympic fever throughout the world at the moment and for the last couple of days, my social media feed has been abuzzed with news about the unexpected gold medal winner in the Men’s 100m butterfly swimming event. The gold medal was won by an unassuming Joseph Schooling from a small but very progressive country called Singapore. Since his success, many netizens has condemned certain people trying to claim credit for his win – politicians and the likes. A neighboring country has gone as far as claiming itself as his mother’s home country just to claim that little credit for the existence and emergence of such a fine athlete.

But the truth of the matter is, the win came from the sheer effort of Mr. Schooling himself and no others. The gruesome training and all the hard work was his and his alone to endure. He takes full credit for being in that pool, swimming against the rest of his competitions, and being the first to reach the finish line at that very moment – that split second. Not even a drop of water from that Olympic swimming pool can claim credit for his win. It is just that simple.

It really got me thinking about this phenomenon as to why are we constantly seeking the opportunity to claim credit for someone else’s success.

While I was driving back home today, two sentences came to mind:

“The problem with the instantly gratified world is that, everyone wants the successes but never the effort to attain them.

Everyone wants to be Joseph Schooling but not what made Joseph Schooling….”

I believe we always like to “cut to the chase” especially among the Gen-Y and Millennials.

A conversation I had with my hairdresser the other day regarding the younger generation is quite disturbing. He mentioned that the young ones these days enjoy their Starbucks coffee but not willing to work any harder to earn what pays for their “lavish” lifestyle. They want it easy and fast.

The millennials want to attain their ideals in such a short turnaround time that they have forgotten that the initial investment of time is needed to acquire and harness their skills and improving their crafts. Like a computer game, they want to cut to the chase by using “cheat codes” and “walkthroughs” in life. But life doesn’t work that way or does it?

The point that I am trying to make is that, success does not come knocking at our doors or just fall onto our laps. We need to first invest our time and effort before reaping the fruits of our labor. There are a lot of truths in those “Keep Calm” memes that we so often see on the internet. Sometimes we just need to have a little patience and invest some time to allow ourselves to go through the “grind”. If we survive, we will always come out of it stronger.

Perhaps one day, we will not only witness the successes of others but with a little leap of faith, we shall be celebrating our own successes as well.

sky's the limit


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