The sciences behind religion


Please do not ask me to prove anything scientifically or spiritually because I am writing this piece based totally on the little common sense that is left in this mind, my gut feeling, and my state of mind at this particular point in time.

Wouldn’t it be a double whammy if you tell someone dying of terminal illness the possibility of yet another trial after death in the form of a long and painful soul cleansing place called purgatory?

What hope are we offering to someone who had been suffering throughout the last days of his or her life?

I sometimes wonder if a child who from birth had never been introduced to the idea of purgatory or hell, would he or she end up in a serene and peaceful place after death. I believe she would because it seems to me that heaven, purgatory, and hell are nothing but a state of mind.

Very often, in our manipulative ways, we instill fear in others in order to obtain what we desire for ourselves. We plant the idea of hell in our childrens’ minds in exchange for obedience. We failed to realize that in doing so, we are teaching their minds to spawn a crippling emotion called guilt. How damaging is that? 

Not too long ago, the social media was introduced to a video of the 5 monkeys experiment.

In many countries, religions has been localized and blended into the cultures of these countries. With a localized flavor, it is hoped that more will come to accept and embrance these religions. Now, certain cultures are like the 5 monkeys experiment. We do not know exactly why we do something as required by the culture or in this case religion but we do it anyway because that is just the way it has been practiced.

I am opined that things need to change if they are no longer relevant. Why can’t heaven exist without purgatory or hell?

I was once told that in order to believe in Christ, I need to also believe in hell because without hell, it is hard to accept Jesus’ existence and Him dying for our sins. Well, why can’t we just accept the idea of Jesus dying for our sins so that we can break free of guilt – the same guilt our minds have defined throughout our lives thanks to the idea of hell someone introduced to us not too long ago?

Our sole objective then becomes flooding our minds with serenity and peace the days leading to our death so that we attain that state of mind.

We need to believe God really is loving. And if it is love, why punish and instill fear? Is it not man who seek to be in control?

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” ~ John 14:27
Let’s just leave it at peace…
And peace be with you all…


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