Daily Encounter With The Divine

God is GOOD.

It does not matter which God you believe in just as long as what you place your faith in brings about good.

I am always in a hurry to go home to my family after every business travel. Today it was no exception. I asked to be placed on an earlier flight and the airline staff at the check in counter politely obliged not knowing the time it would take me to go through the long security and immigration lines.

He gently slide the boarding pass towards me, I looked at the “gate opens” time which states 4.05pm, and realizing that was 5 mins ago, I gave him a puzzled look and he returned with a sinister grin. I have 55 minutes before take off time minus 20 mins when the gate will be closed, that means I have approximately 35 mins to get to the gate which I later realized was at the very end of the airport.

My watch showed 4.30 pm and I had just passed security check. The immigration lines were long and I started going into panic mode. I counted 25 people ahead of me and the average time taken to process each passport was about a minute – another 25 minutes out of the time I have to get to the gate confirms my fear of missing the flight.


I started praying that another immigration officer would get on duty and open up another queue. A couple of seconds later, I saw this officer preparing his station and he walked out of his station to pick people he wanted to make a new queue. He walked next to me, I tugged at his sleeve, and showed him the time on my boarding pass.

Without saying a word, he held my arm, and gave it a hard tug pulling me into his queue placing me right in front. His firm grip made me felt assured and it was like him saying, “I’ve got you and you will be fine”.

True enough, I was on my way and turned out, my flight was delayed for 20 mins. I made it just in time to see the plane being pulled up to the tarmac.

So if you ask me if I’ve encountered God today? I’ll say YES without a doubt!

Where there is GOOD, there is God…

God is GOOD….


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