Everlasting Memories


Our entire being is a collection of past experiences and memories. Perhaps every decision that we make whether planned or impromptu, is based on past experiences and our perceived beliefs at any particular point in time. A good or bad decision seemed to depend entirely on our wisdom of the day and that brings about a desirable or non-desirable outcome.

Sometimes, I tend to fall into an extreme melancholic state and my mind brings me back to that particular place and moment. Very often, it is amplified by a particular melody and tune.

For instance, Adam Levine’s “Lost Star” from the movie Begin Again when played softly during a cool rainy evening, brings me back to that particular street in downtown Manhattan. The sights, smell, and sound of that particular chilly Fall/Autumn afternoon. The yellow leaves at Central Park, the neon lights of Time Square, and people in their beautiful long coats.




There is something about Fall/Autumn that makes one feel a little depressed probably because of all the fallen and dried leaves. Personally, my happiest and saddest moments seemed to have taken place during this season.

Adele’s “When We Were Young” struck a chord the moment I heard it. It literally brought me back to that particular lonely walk I had in the heart of Toronto. I was feeling a little sorry for myself – something I tend to do whenever I am alone. That quiet park with an empty bench. The sun shining through in between the tree branches at Queen’s Park, and the smell of coffee coming from that little cafe at the street corner. Oh how melancholic!











The words “This is our last night but it’s late, And I’m trying not to sleep, Cause I know, when I wake, I will have to slip away” from Maroon 5’s “Daylight” never fail to bring me back to that moment I sat alone in a cab heading to the airport and going home to my family. I had just said my tearful goodbyes to dear friends whom I have met for the first time. Seeing how sad and teary we were, the driver asked if she was my “girlfriend”. I found his question funny and his statement distracted me from being sad. How can one ever forget such moment?

Little did I know that I have just established life long friendships and found a new family during that amazing trip.

IMG_2535 (Small)

IMG_9054 (Small)

IMG_9102 (Small)





I would like to think that these are the images that continue to sustain me and help me through the many difficult situations in life.  They remind me that there are good places, beautiful faces, and kindhearted people for me to register and record into the memory slots on my mind. I do not know exactly where my life leads but I can only hope that filling these memory slots even though only exist for as long as I live, my soul will be able to find its way “home”.

So how does a particular song reminds you and brings forth the emotions and feelings of past experiences?

And how does a tune create an impression of the many everlasting and endearing moments in your life?

It is absolutely impossible to forget when music plays forever…

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