Follow Through

As of late, I see a lot of great ideas being conceptualize but they never seemed to come to fruition. Follow through seemed to be a challenge these days.

Case in point, during our recent vacation on an island, a team building event caused pollution at an area frequent by sea turtles due to its availability of sea grass. Confrontations ensued but all the people incharge could do was apologize. A viral post on facebook alerted many conservation establishments and a nationwide outcry amongst environmentalists soon erupted. The issue was even highlighted by a news portal.

The owner of the training company stepped forward apologetically but that was as far as it went. Some has suggested that she follows through with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to clean up the very island her team have polluted as a gesture of sincerity to make amends of their careless mistake.

What happened to the viral FB post?

Often times, we read a lot of complains and criticisms of wrong doings. Some readers of such posts on social media are quick to respond with hostility and condemnation. The wrongdoers highlightedby such posts seemed to be criminalize.

How often do we read about the closure to such damning posts? In other words, have the owners of such posts pursue the matter and get them rectified before updating the audience of the amends?

How often do we leave the wrongdoers to remain criminals in the minds of the audience of our social media posts? Even when they have come forward to apologize and have taken the actions to remedy the situation?

I guess it is human nature that the negative tends to attract our attention and stick to our minds. The question is why?

Why do we emphasize so much on negativity and never appreciate the positives?

We should all follow through in all that we do and give credit where credit is due. I believe it is high time we all follow up with our negative posts to ensure we provide the audiences with a closure – be it good or bad. We should not leave our posts hanging on air without a conclusion.

Let’s follow through…



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