What’s The Point?

Throughout my working life, some of the roles I held required me to participate in business entertainment activities. These minus the few drinks happen to be my most hated activities. One of the usual items that grace such activities is the presence of the bar girls. For the life of me, I just do not understand the need for skimpily dressed girls to be part of the entertainment. The way the girls are treated as objects and items do not fail to irk me especially how strong able men make their “orders” for them.

When I look at the girls embraced and groped by the married men around me, many thoughts flash through my mind.

Where have the society gone wrong?

Have we failed to protect the weak?

Don’t the girls belong to someone – a daughter, a grand-daughter, and a sister?

Have we taught men to be domineering?

I feel absolutely disgusted at how value-less these men made the girls to be. It is also apparent that some of the younger girls were in great distress and discomfort.

And what these men do the day after?

They tend to boast about how wonderful their lives were for the few hours spent being accompanied by an “exotic” foreign girl at the bar.

What’s the point?

I find such so-called “business entertainment” absolutely pointless. Why can’t it just be a discussion over a few drinks and a handshake to seal the deal?

After all, the girls have no role and are irrelevant in the decision making process to purchase either a service, a property, or a product.

I feel that psychologically and spiritually, the girls’ real selves die a little with every client. Men who seek out for their services are responsible for “murdering” their poor little souls.

Not too long ago, there was a tagline used by a TV channel that goes, “when the buying stops, the killing can too”. Looking at how girls are treated no more than commodities and sometimes an exotic animal, the tagline seemed to be relevant.

Whenever asked if I am interested, I have always declined. In some instances, I have put up an unapproachable front that sent girls scurrying away. I am not easily influenced and I have no qualms with being laughed at by the rest of the ego filled men. I am strong enough to be seated alone without a stranger (girl) beside me. I am not about to ruin what I have built throughout the decades just for a couple of pointless minutes or hours spent with a stranger. Say whatever, I have nothing to do with killing the spirit of an innocent girl.

On the contrary, I pray that the girls will one day find their dignity and self respect once again. No doubt, the struggles in this world is real but I only have my faith to keep me grounded.

Nothing feels more empowering for a man than having the full trust of his wife and be able to face the world without her worrying he will fall into temptation. Very often, I always have the last laugh because the people mocking me for not “having fun” are the same ones required to “report back” to their wives their daily activities. Goes to show the level of trust they have in their relationships.

“And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!'”~Matthew 25:40




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