To manage my fear of public speaking and presentation, I was given a statement to help with my thought process and internal rationalization. It is the statement by Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus that goes “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king“.

There are two sides to this saying – positive and negative. In terms of a presentation, it is either an opportunity to hoodwink (negative) the audience or impart valuable knowledge (positive) upon them.

As I look at life in a broader sense, I noticed that very often that those with a little more experience and knowledge in life seemed to be at the forefront. Some are natural visionaries while others achieve their successes through laborious trial and error.

I also believe that wisdom plays a pivotal role in recognizing a good vision so that it can be acted upon.

As of late, I constantly gave thought as to where I am currently in life. I just cannot settle with the monotonous routine of the job and living paycheck to paycheck. My remuneration seemed to have been capped and have not grown much through the years while inflation and service taxes are choking the regular white-collar worker.

Is life an “one size fits all” experience?

Honestly, I am feeling a little uncomfortable not having much control over life in terms of what lies ahead. There seem to be no clarity and vision moving forward since I am stuck at the present. I truly envy those who have it all figured out. There is just so much to learn from people who are now talking about purchasing huge lands and building a custom designed home.

But here I am, struggling without a clear goal of where I can go and what I can achieve. Looks like I need to redefine my desires and identify the ways in which I can attain them.

I do pray for the gift of sight and wisdom to discern.

Perhaps one day, I can claim to be that “One-eyed King” in this land of the blind. Not to hoodwink but share, cultivate, and grow with it…



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