Reminder of Death

As I grow older, I realize that funerals are becoming more frequent. And each death in the family serves as a reminder that soon, it will be me lying lifeless in the coffin.

The funeral I attended yesterday begged a few questions.

“Am I ready to go?”

“Have I fulfilled my purpose?”

“What more can I do on earth while I am still alive?”

Whenever I see those around me being complacent, resigned, and helpless, I cannot help but to feel frustrated because very often, they have not been begin the opportunity or not given themselves the chance to embrace their full potential.

I understand that everyone’s existence brings about a purpose in this huge ecosystem. We are at a place and at a time that is precisely and profoundly planned. It is by no accident that we come into contact with the person we met a couple of days ago and having that  particular conversation.

The Broadway musical Wicked defines relationships and human interactions most accurately. “For Good” is one of the songs in this musical that strikes a chord while we are on the subject of people crossing paths.

Have we touch the lives we are suppose to?

Have we made someone else feel happy today?

Perhaps death marks the completion of our purposes?

Perhaps those who died having unfinished businesses are just overachievers who are going above and beyond their purposes?

Whatever it may be and whether or not we will be able to figure out the meaning of death, I believe we ought to first find the meaning of living life to the fullest. And come what may, at least we can rest in eternal peace knowing that we have a life well lived…



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