The child in us

As we grow older and get absorbed into the “generic” life full of conformity and uniformity, we tend to lose touch with the innocent ideals, aspirations, and ambitions we used to have as a child.

Some if not all of us seemed to have lost touch with the creativity we once possessed.

Leading up to my teenage years, I remember that good ideas filled my mind most of the time and I had fun materializing them.

Some say that our ideals are not necessarily the reality but as we busy ourselves in the rat race, it can be challenging defining reality.

Recently, I found joy in assembling model kits. It amazes me how amazing these models has been designed and engineered. Every piece is so well thought of.


I believe that in a world that tends to drown out creativity, what comes naturally will always reign victorious and eventually, creativity will triumph.

Take for example Ruth B, the singer songwriter who shot to fame with her original song Lost Boy. Not only it hits a chord in me but it speaks to the child in me as well. It is an awe inspiring piece of masterpiece produced by creativity and talent. In an industry that usually thrives through “packaging and marketing”, we are seeing more and more organic artists that are naturally gifted and do not need fancy gimmicks to attain popularity.

This song is currently on my playlist and I enjoy every word of it.

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