During one of the conversations I had with a co-worker, we agreed that the world is running out of visionaries. It seemed that we have lost many creative thinkers and leaders. Like humans created out of a mold, most of us are merely followers.

Just by recalling the cartoons and movies we watched back in the 80s and 90s gives testament to the reason why I am opined that the numbers of visionaries are dwindling. They are the epitome of originality and the amount of thoughts put into creating each one was immeasurable. What we have now are many remakes of the same ideas from the aforementioned era.

I must say that it will be quite a challenge for someone in our current era to come out with the idea of 5 robotic lions combining into a huge robot (Voltron) or even vehicles that are able to transform into robots (Transformers). These ingenious ideas survived the test of time. Who would have thought that even the remake of the merchandises for these characters will not only be relevant today, but huge successes among the current generation as well as the generation that first seen them?

The ingenuity of these ideas have captured the minds of an entire generation. Even though they debuted in the 80s, these children have grown up to afford the merchandises made out of their favorite characters.

Is that investing in the future or what?

In the USA alone, the number of births in 1980 was estimated at 3,612,258. These children are now 36 years old and most should be able to afford a familiar toy of their favorite cartoon character back in the 80s.

I am curious to know if it was a strategically planned maneuver or a random try at luck. Did the creators of these famous entertainment franchises knew over 30 years ago that they would again become profitable in the future?

Nonetheless, they sure are visionaries of their time.

Looking at the current trends, do you think there are anything that will survive the test of time?

What do you think will be in trend 30 years from now if it is created today?

Because you see, it only takes one to break out of this homogeneous lifestyle to gain from the vast majority. Are we the makers of trends or merely the followers of trends?

That depends on how different we choose to be in life…