Even Judas Had A Purpose

A few years ago, seeking life’s purpose seemed to be the common theme among many self-help books. Soon, Christian preachers caught on to this theme and started leading their followers in this theme as well.

Today is palm Sunday. To put it nicely, this commemorates Jesus entering Jerusalem in preparation for the ultimate act of love and sacrifice which resulted in the gift of salvation for His followers. But to put it bluntly and in a negative tone, it begins the journey of Jesus going through abandonment, betrayal, and finally slaughter.

Every year, we go through the entire list of events in chronological order to remind us how this gift of salvation came about. The Passion of Christ plays over and over again to remind us of what we are – poor sinners and murderes. We accuse ourselves of being in cohort with the people who wanted Jesus dead. We actually murdered Jesus to gain salvation for ourselves seemed to be the only sense I can make of it. Relational speaking, my mind cannot quite comprehend the entire episode.

Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

Peter denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed.

But it does beg the question – Who made Judas and Peter?

Whatever it is, Judas and Peter were made for their unique purposes. One to betray and the other to deny before establishing and leading the church.

In these contexts, I can only summarize that God made Judas so that we can all kill Jesus to obtain the gift of salvation for ourselves and pave the way for the church led by Peter. In other words, based on the current narrative, Judas and us were created to take the fall.

Looking at the bigger picture, we are not more of a murderer than our creator. How can we be accuse of being murderers when we are given the knife and asked to kill because that is the only way we can obtain the gift of salvation? Without the killing, there will not be any “sacrifice”.

I am starting to think that our purpose is to break free from this accusation. If Jesus truly promotes altruism and unconditional love, he should not be accusing and reminding us every year how we murdered him. I do not think it is his intention to make us feel guilty by inheriting the sins of the people of his time.

Soon, it will be Easter, and I do hope that the narrative will be re-written. Not one of the images of eggs and cute rabbits hopping around while everyone have a jolly good time but one that shows Jesus sacrificing himself through a different sort of death.

If I am allowed to be creative, I would like to see an image of Jesus laying hands on the sick and absorbing all the sickness, weaknesses, guilt, anxieties, diseases, and all negativity of the people around him unto himself. That way, it truly portrays that he sacrificed his life for us. It is not the “we murdered him” kind of sacrifice but one that is truly altruistic and sacrificial.

But then again, who am I to re-write the history?

When even Judas Iscariot had a role and purpose to play in the grander scheme of things and without him, will this post even come to be?



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