Lost In Examination

Another year past and another batch of students received their results for the major examination to graduate from high school. The results will afford them entry into tertiary education.

But the reaction begs the question – are we all that generic? Like in a factory with all the conveyor belts moving along pieces of dough to be pressed and molded into perfect and identical shapes.

Is there ever an education system that fits all?

If it is, I am not the perfect product of such a system.

But you see, in the minds of most Asian parents, good results equates to bragging rights. Another reason to feel good about oneself living through one’s child’s success. It is often the case of the parent pressuring his or her child to live out the many aspirations and ideals one failed to achieve in the past.

“I wish my son or my daughter do not have to follow my footstep and it will be good for him or her to be a doctor, a lawyer, or so on and so forth”

As of late, so much emphasis has been given to honoring children scoring well for all these generic examinations that it has become some sort of competition among the students especially for their parents.

I believe the world has lost its definition of what examination means.

Examinations should never be used to define anyone as a success or failure in life. Examinations are for us to gauge what needs to be improved in subjects of “one’s interest”. What that means is that, if one is studying the subject of biology, and in gauging how much one understood what has been taught, an examination is needed just for that reason.

But if biology is not an interest of a person, it does not hold much value for the person in question. Just because education system is one system for all, it is by no means one system that fits all. The subjects are generic and it may not appeal to everyone across the board. Often times, these major examinations are merely means to an end – the progression of one’s educational path.

What matters most is scoring good grades when and where it really matters. We all ought to get an ‘A’ in Life…



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