Fear Is Curse

“You better listen to me or else…”

“You must obey God or else…”

How often do we find ourselves in such predicament that we utter these words? Especially when we are faced with an intelligent child who explores well beyond our comfortable boundaries we defined as discipline, we tend to instill fear in them. The fear of the unknown or even a guilt trip can be used as temporary measure to keep others at bay and deter them from crossing our comfort zone.

Often times we do not realize that the ideas we put into others to instill fear is indeed some sort of curse. If one does not heed our advice, he or she will be cursed with a negative outcome. The question now becomes, is there no other better alternatives besides the negative outcome?

Perhaps we should pause and think about how we can re-invent ourselves towards the positive axis in life. There is so much truth in Jon Jandai’s presentation (video below). We live in an era that boast of so much advancement but we seemed to be over burdened and unhappy.

Or we should start looking for new methods in spending time on what matters most and will have a positive impact on the future as suggested by Rory Vaden (video below).

I believe we can reverse the curse by simply stopping the accumulation of fear – the fear of not having enough. In order to achieve that, we should start by changing our habits one at a time.

I guess instead of cursing our children with fear, we should first eliminate the fear in ourselves. The fear of not having enough influence over them that is…



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