Life’s A Pinball Game

“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

The above as we all know is the famous quote from the movie Forrest Gump that defines how unpredictable life is. On top of being unpredictable, I also like to look at life as a game of pinball.

If you have played this famous arcade game before, you would understand the objectives of the pinball game are scoring as many points possible and staying in the game for the longest time possible without losing the ball to the drain at the bottom of the play field.

The drain is partially protected by two flippers – flaps that are used to keep the ball in the game and not fall through the drain. In the play field there are many items that can be hit by the ball and if the ball gets caught in certain sections in the play field, bonus points will be awarded. In certain situations, some smaller flippers will be activated to help the player get the ball into special sections in the play field thus, more points awarded.

I see the special sections in the play field as specific phases of our lives. Each one giving us new experiences and adds up on our knowledge, skills, and etc while the flippers act as the many people we meet in our lives.

Throughout our unpredictable lives, I am sure that is exactly how some special people came into our lives and to a certain extent made an impact. They seemed to be like those flippers pushing us forward and helping us avoid that “drain” at the bottom of the play field. The random good Samaritan whom we crossed path with also have a role to play to help us reach new heights in life. That is, if we are able to be still enough to realize and recognize the people and their actions in our own lives.

I guess that is how we are all interconnected and every action of ours ripple through a greater domain even though we do not see the significance of it.

Watching the story of Joseph Kim, I was particularly drawn to his foster father’s act of love. I think this is an example how certain subtle actions can resonate and become something as moving as Joseph’s story.

I am not sure about you but the story of Joseph Kim’s life moved me to tears (watch until the end).

His end note is quite powerful. He is asking us to be kind to everyone else because we might not know the impact of our kindness will have on the receiver. It could be life changing.


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