Profoundly Grateful

Just stopping to think about something to be grateful for today, I cannot help but to realize how lucky I am to be alive in this period of time, era, millennium – whatever you call it.

By just talking about talented people who have graced this century and to see their beginning, witness their successes, and finally their end of lives or careers, is quite awe inspiring.

I am glad to have lived through the era with the likes of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Roxette, ABBA, Wilson Philips, Paula Abdul, Luther Vandross, Take That, Boyzone, NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, Blackstreet, Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony, 98 Degrees and many more. I grew up with and still enjoy the tunes of the past and present of Boyz][Men, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Billy Joel and the list goes on.

By just being still this morning and listening to the music that came on air over the radio, I continue to be glad and grateful for the voices of Adele, Sam Smith, John Legend, Adam Levine, and etc.

And to my joy, the Compact Disc (CD) is still relevant today. It is probably the only technology that has outlived many artistes of our times.

Though on the surface it may seemed trivial, I feel it is something quite profound. Who would have thought that I will be here, right now at this very moment and having the privilege to even hear the beautiful sound we call music? The perfect collision of each frequency so timely intertwined to produce a great piece of intangible art. One that speaks volume and have a way with the heart and mind. To strip it apart and to even know its existence is quite intriguing, don’t you think?

Now, if you would just hold on to that thought for a moment and apply it to the many aspects of your life, you may gain greater appreciation for the many technologies that we are able to utilize and simplify our lives, the amount of information at our fingertips, the ease of communication, and most of all, to have all these wonderful people we share our lives with.

Often times, we take for granted the trivial things while cultivating our minds to keep on desiring for more. We seldom revisit what we have obtained in the past both tangible and intangible especially those we have easily gained. We seemed to be telling ourselves “been there, done that, what’s next?” so often that we forget to slow down, reminisce, and just to appreciate how far in life we have come. Though sometimes, I do miss the past a little for old times’ sake but taking time to look back helps me to appreciate the opportunities and people more. By just being able to recall the past, it reminds that indeed I am very much alive and there are more experiences awaiting for me in this life. Yes, we do write wonderful stories and every chapter gets better through time.

I guess this is what it means to be blessed by grace.



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