Be Not Afraid

Happy New Year to you if you are reading this! It has been quite an amazing 2015 and it did end on a high note for me in many ways. I can only look forward to another amazing year and wish the same for you.

Between my last post and today, many incidents have taken place and I find it a little strange to touch on a “heavy” subject for a first post of the new year.

“Be Not Afraid”

These are the words I remember from Pope John Paul II’s tenure as the head of the church and how much strength they gave me during my times of hardship.

I have previously written what I thought about God being the ultimate good and He holds no negative undertone. Some may disagree by quoting how violent and punishing God is but to me written scriptures should not be taken literally as they are a form of expression and subjected to interpretations. I suppose the bible is called the living word of God for this reason.

Based on certain teachings derived from the various interpretations of the same bible, some have learned to believe in a God of love, abundance, and joy while others have developed fear. Depending on our upbringing and culture as well, some tend to take positive approaches while others may be of fear instilling in nature.

While growing up, I had my fair share of experiences of being the receiving end of punishments and the fear instilling methods. I guess not many knew how to take the positive approach to capture my attention and challenge my inquisitive mind. It could have been the culture and made worse by a one system fits all environment.

I recently witnessed the application of the term “God fearing”. While having a dscussion with a residential council member, he referred to himself as “God fearing” in an attempt to justify questions he found it hard to explain.

A few weeks later, the same person asked me the question – “Who are we to say what is right or wrong? Today it might be right but tomorrow it can be wrong”.

I guess this is exactly the problem with most “God fearing” people. Giving themselves excuses to run away from their responsibilities. They are not self sufficient enough to make good decisions – always waiting on God for answers and instructions. And if things go wrong, they will just settle for “its God’s will”. I always wondered how God give them answers or where they go seek for His instructions.

I reckon that it could be from the bible since most Christian can quote you the bible to justify everything but the bible surely do not lay down the rules and steps to manage/run a corporate company or a residential council. The bible I know helps form one’s conscience to differentiate right from wrong. It is full of wisdom and rich in history but never to be taken literally.

I prefer to look at God in a different light. God is actually my team mate. I have formed a reasonable conscience through the lessons taught in the bible. I cannot say that I have the entire bible imprinted on my mind but I do know it reasonably well enough to be blessed with a rational thinking mind. I also have the faith to know that God will always be at the center of all my challenges and decisions. He sees me through anything and everything.

The “new age” likes to talk in terms of the “universe” and “law of attraction”. But actually, the Christians have discovered this a long time ago. It is only now being “packaged” with different terms and definitions.

Essentially, there is a quote in the bible that defines exactly what the gist of “law of attraction” really is. And I quote Matthrew 7:7 – “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

What I am really trying to say is that, nothing good comes about when it is derived from fear. I am opined that God is not someone we should fear but instead, He is our best team mate in this game called life.

We really ought to start taking responsibility and ownership of our lives, Be Not Afraid, and have faith knowing that it is perfectly alright to explore, learn, and grow in this life we are so fortunate to be blessed with. We are not here to wait on others. We are here to write a unique and beautiful story belonging exclusively to us as an individual.

The book I believe is called The Book Of life…

Uniquely made for a purpose.
Uniquely made for a purpose.

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